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Introducing the Plantweb™ Digital Ecosystem

Introducing the Plantweb™ Digital Ecosystem

You can’t “buy” a Plantweb™ digital ecosystem – it’s a concept. The idea of a Plantweb™ digital ecosystem is that the whole of the system is greater than the sum of its parts, because they’ve been designed to work together.

Emerson’s Plantweb™ is a scalable portfolio of technologies, software and services, that when combined, enables significant performance improvement in the areas of production, reliability, safety, and energy management by empowering personnel with new insights and actionable information.
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The Four Components of A Healthy Digital Ecosystem

The Plantweb™ digital ecosystem includes many of the technologies that will enable you to digitally transform by helping you measure, communicate, and analyze process values and equipment health metrics. Through scalable deployments, you can build out your unique digital ecosystem using Emerson’s pre-engineered technology and service innovations.
Data – Pervasive Sensing™
Connectivity – Secure Data Architecture
Analytics – Platforms & Software
Services – On-site, Local, Cloud, and Remote

Data – Pervasive Sensing™

Harvest the data that matters with strategies that leverage existing measurement technologies and newly developed sensors for enhanced visibility. Integrate various measurement technologies (pressure, temperature, flow, corrosion, vibration, position, acoustic, speed, etc.) in a relatively common ecosystem to populate real-time process models.

Connectivity – Secure Data Architecture

Ensure that your data is safely, securely, and reliably communicated to operational applications or to the appropriate expert – whether on premise or offsite.
Securing data pathways of lower IOT levels to external application and experts.
Secure First Mile™
Implementing edge devices and reconfiguring network design to improve data acquisition and management.
Data Integration
Cybersecurity strategies embedded at all levels of IOT that IT and OT can both agree on.
End-to-End Cybersecurity

Analytics – Platforms & Software

Make sense of your data using scalable analytics to generate actionable information that can be delivered to the right person at the right time for improved or automated decision making
Condition-based analytics for instrumentation and mechanical assets.
Device & Machinery Diagnostics
Connect, analyze, and collaborate with multiple teams regarding device, asset, and process performance.
Operational Performance Platform
Utilize pre-configured models and analytics to help identify unhealthy or underperforming instruments and mechanical assets.
Asset Health Applications
Optimize plant and asset processes in a simulated environment that mirrors your operations.
Simulation Tools
Improve your team’s ability to make decisions and execute, despite their location.
Workforce Effectiveness

Services – On-site, Local, Cloud, and Remote

Supplement your workforce with as-needed services that help deliver improved outcomes through new monitoring solutions, analytics capabilities, and commercial models.
• Digital Strategy & Cybersecurity
• Upskilling & Change Management
• Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages
• Industry Expertise
• Cloud-Hosted Solutions – Flexible Deployments
• Connected Solutions – Asset Expertise and Actionable Insights

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