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We have 22 years of experience in managing our customer’s assets.

We have 22 years of experience in managing our customer’s assets.

Our Asset Management offering brings this service to your site with a full-time resident solutions provider. Asset Management is a proven step-by-step process to reduce maintenance costs, improve process control in order to increase our client’s profitability.

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The Asset Management service will assist you in answering your maintenance questions such as:

  • Are you receiving value from technology?
  • Is Asset Management information integrated with daily work processes (Standard Operating Procedures)?
  • Are technicians using AMS Suite to diagnose problems before they affect the process?
  • Are you capturing / quantifying the benefits delivered?
  • Are you optimizing your Asset Maintenance Strategy?

Asset Management Best Practices:

  • Data Management
  • Criticality Assessments
  • Application Review
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Outage Management
  • Repair Assessment

Potential Return on Investment

Improving Plant Availability and Performance by Utilizing ControlWorx Asset ManagementSM:
  • Generate condition-based maintenance recommendations
  • Shift maintenance spending from reactive to predictive while improving uptime
  • Perform valve signatures and machinery baselines prior to turnaround and scheduled outages
  • Reduce overtime labor
  • Reduce turnaround costs
  • Increase uptime and availability
  • Reduce spare part consumption

Asset Life Cycle Management:

  • Engineering Support / Specification
  • Management of Change Support
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Obsolescence Planning
  • Process Control Optimization
  • Performance Based Maintenance
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Troubleshooting Support

A Partner You Can Depend On

All the technology in the world means nothing without the people skilled in its use. So we surround your assets with a network of high-performance experts with the global capability to implement locally.

With Emerson as a partner, not only do you get industry-leading PlantWeb predictive technologies, but you also have access to certified Asset Optimization Services experts worldwide who help you maximize the benefits of PlantWeb predictive technologies.

Whether you’re working in an existing facility or a brand new one, we will meet you where you are. Emerson will help you identify your goals and opportunities – and the challenges you face to get there. As part of Emerson, our results-driven management discipline is one of our hallmarks.

We look forward to helping you operate your plant with confidence by addressing the challenges to implementing asset management in a straightforward, painless way—optimizing your current resources to maximize your competitiveness in today’s market.
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