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What is ESG?

ESG standards aim to define, and advocate for, overarching corporate responsibility and community stewardship. Adoption of ESG standards can play an integral role in aligning corporate interests with the interests of the communities in which we operate and serve. John H. Carter Company recognizes the importance of assisting our valued customers in their pursuits related to these standards, and endorses responsible, considerate corporate conduct.

The environmental, community and control impacts that our company has, and our customers’ companies have, can be far-reaching. We are committed to an unbiased and pragmatic approach to advancing standards and initiatives that will minimize environmental impact and maximize responsiveness and responsibility to our communities.
Improving your ESG standing by deploying products and solutions that move toward net-zero emissions, and promote a carbon-responsible message internally, can offer substantial operational benefits.

 Achieving your ESG goals can lead to:
  • Eliminated environmental/regulatory fines
  • Minimized equipment costs
  • Improved Safety Standards
  • Improved Social License to Operate (bad press, lawsuits)
  • Reduced ‘Lost Time’
  • Fewer Shutdowns
  • Improved production
  • Greater achievement of Production Targets
Latent Benefits in addition to lowered emissions:
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns
  • Minimized safety incidents
While social and governance mandates can vary by region, identifying challenges, mitigating risks and tracking progress for environmental issues is a common need for all customers. A lack of focus, and unchecked processes or protocols, can spawn unwanted risks and consequences. Primary risks associated with low ESG visibility and standards include:
Loss of Social License to Operate
A social license, though not formal, is granted by a community (network of stakeholders), and is based on factors such as legitimacy, trust and consent. The status of a social license can be difficult to measure, but it becomes quickly, and often painfully, obvious when it is lost. Failure to maintain a social license can happen for myriad reasons:  failure to ensure a safe working environment; failure to maintain operating within governmental environmental regulations; failure to observe or honor individual rights and liberties; and other.

Negative Events
Negative events can manifest in a variety of ways. Each exerts a unique impact on company operations and finances. Lack of planning for ESG programs or poor visibility into operational procedures relating to ESG standards can lead to:  
  • Environmental and regulatory fines
  • Missed production targets
  • Shutdowns or loss of production
  • Injury and/or loss of life

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