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We are committed to ALARA safety principles throughout all stages of training, preparation and execution.

We are committed to ALARA safety principles throughout all stages of training, preparation and execution.

We conduct Dynamic Learning Activities (DLA’s) for our workers in a training environment to simulate radiation work areas, contaminated areas, and low dose waiting areas, while providing coaching on proper body positioning, travel paths, and work techniques to minimize dose and avoid PCE’s.

Prior to the outage, our project manager conducts meetings with the ALARA dept to identify high-risk items and develop risk mitigation strategies.  We review each task and provide a list of accurate wrench-hours for each task to the ALARA dept as they develop the outage RWP’s to ensure accurate dose allotment. High-risk items are identified to ensure proper engineering guards are planned for, resourced in the schedule, and utilized during execution.

During outage execution, ALARA is discussed at pre-outage kickoff and during every pre-job brief for work in a Radiation Area.  Technicians are encouraged to identify dose-saving opportunities and given recognition when they do.  Supervisors and leadership perform daily behavior observations to ensure workers are practicing ALARA and look for coaching opportunities.  Behavior observations are captured for trending, so adjustments can be made if any deltas are observed in radworker practices.  Our Project Manager reviews daily reports from the RP department to ensure we are within our dose goals for every task and RWP.  During Post-Outage Critiques and Fleet Summits, lessons learned and best practices are captured and distributed as part of our continuous improvement program.

With our structure and resources, we are positioned to offer  unique dose-saving opportunities!

In-line relief valve lift-assist testing saves dose and man-hours by eliminating the need to pull certain relief valves for bench testing.

Our efficiency gains in our “one-touch approach” to manpower translate to outage dose reduction
Utilizing our instant turnaround process, Fisher Encore actuators can be pre-built in the shop and then swapped in the field, significantly reducing the time to perform an actuator rebuild.
We can provide digital control solutions to enable remote monitoring and diagnostic testing of valves in high-dose areas.
Long cables and/or wireless communication can be utilized with our test systems to reduce the need for multiple workers in a high-dose area during diagnostic testing.
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