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Faulty and/or inaccurate flow and allocation measurement can negatively impact the optimization and profitability of oil & gas well operations.

Operators began using custody transfer systems to better allocate and measure produced fluid volumes. A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) System specifically measures liquid hydrocarbon net volume and quantity. This system can be helpful when transporting large amounts of liquids from a well pad to a pipeline. While these systems are useful, they rely on quality data measurements, so it is important to deploy the correct system for your operational needs. 

Accurate and repeatable measurement results are key to gaining insight into well production for field management and optimization.

To help minimize over/under allocation, we offer cost-effective tools and extensive expertise to help determine fluid composition, enhance measurement, and ensure efficient operation and adequate well production management. Customers can maximize the efficiency and performance of the complete system and ensure compliance to all regulatory standards.
Achieve accurate and reliable measurements
Maximize the efficiency and performance of the complete system
Utilize our extensive custody transfer experience
Meet regulatory standards
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