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Pressure Swing Absorption Pressure Swing Absorption
Choose a reliable solution for every application in a PSA.

Choose a reliable solution for every application in a PSA.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) inlet valves feed hydrogen and light hydrocarbon gas into the PSA unit. These valves are either wide open or fully closed, so throttling control is not important, but it is essential that the valves open and close reliably when required to do so. In the PSA unit, the hydrogen is purified to >99.9% and is measured by an H2 analyzer at the plant outlet. PSA is a high cycle process requiring valves to cysle every few minutes. Not only are the valves required to cycle completely open and closed, but upon closing, they must require zero leakage across the valves for tight shut off. 

Pressure Swing Adsorption technologies offer a solution for every application in the PSA.

Our local experts will aid in the proper selection of valves with a quick stroking speed and proper seal to ensure proper control.

Ensure reliable valve performance with quick stroking speed
Implement control through proper selection of valves
Isolate the process with proper valve sealing

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