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Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions

Secure, Scalable Cloud Based SCADA

John H. Carter Company & Emerson are committed to delivering a solution that provides a low implementation and cut over risk, while being cost effective and providing a technically innovative platform.  The open data and flexible platform tools will provide your organization with the engineering, logistics and flexibility that has been missing in your current platform.

We get it.

A cloud SCADA solution has to check a lot of boxes to be a viable solution and must also be affordable. Here's how Emerson's Zedi Cloud stacks up:

Secure encrypted communications with critical field devices
Scalable Software as a Service (SaaS)
Remote asset monitoring and control
Push/pull communications functionality with business software
Proven & tested technology with 99.9998% uptime
Advanced data, analytics & customized dashboards
Access information anywhere on mobile & web apps
24/7 customer care support includes troubleshooting and technical training

Your Data in the Palm of Your Hand 

Zedi Go Smartphone App

Zedi Go Smartphone App

Zedi Total Access Includes:

  • System Promotions, upgrades & development
  • IT, network security & management
  • Server management including redundancy
  • Historian management
  • Tableau Analysis
  • Zedi Go Mobile Application
  • Unlimited Users, anywhere access
  • 3rd party access & data exchange
  • HMI template management
  • Tag Management
  • Continuous polling engine optimization
  • Continuous communications optimization
  • Alarm Management
  • Automated call-out alarm system

Proven Results

Improved Visibility to Operational Data Helps Prevents Fines
Water & Wastewater
Improved Visibility to Operational Data Helps Prevents Fines
A southern municipality had incurred large fines due to storm water drainage ponds overflowing into neighboring vicinities. Could a cloud-based SCADA system alleviate this problem by providing increased visibility and alarm capabilities?
Cost-Effective Solution for Monitoring, Reporting, and Alarming
Local Gas Distribution
Cost-Effective Solution for Monitoring, Reporting, and Alarming
Aging monitoring equipment and outdated technologies create challenges for cost-sensitive Gas Utilities. Change is crucial to keep up with regulations and improve efficiency but can Cloud SCADA affordably meet these needs?
Reliable Access to Critical System Data
Local Gas Distribution
Reliable Access to Critical System Data
Providing access to critical operational data during severe weather can be a challenge. Can a cloud-based SCADA system provide reliable, cost-effective access to critical data during a weather emergency?

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Optimize Oil & Gas Production

Optimize Oil & Gas Production

This is a secure, scaleable cloud-based SCADA platform that's a combination of proprietary technology integrated with world-class technology.

The intuitive, cloud based open system supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational data for producers around the world.

The platform is truly end-to-end. Sensors in the field are connected to gateways that support a variety of protocols. This helps producers with a real time, aggregated view of production.
Zedi Go - The App Built for Oil & Gas Producers

Zedi Go - The App Built for Oil & Gas Producers

Monitor, manage and input valuable operational data, create custom forms, instantly update systems and directly control your field devices using our Zedi Go app that is specifically designed for oil and gas field operators.