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Sempell Raisteam High Pressure Globe Valve
Raisteam High Pressure Forged Globe Valve
Forged high pressure Y pattern, T pattern and angle pattern globe valves
Sempell Raisteam High Pressure Globe Valve


ASME B31.1, India Boiler Registration, PED, CE
End Connection
Butt Weld
Cogeneration, High Temp, HRSG, Steam Headers, Steam turbine, Boilers, Boiler, Balance of Plant, Biomass Boiler and Power Boiler, Pumps, Valves & Manifolds, General Service
Body Design
Long Pattern, Short Pattern
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy, Metal, Steel
Operating Temperature
High Temperature
Pressure Class
Process Connection Type
Seat/Seal Type
Shutoff Class
Class V (FCI 70-2)
ASME B16.34
Globe Valves
Valve Size
5 inch, 6 inch (DN150) and Larger, NPS 2 / DN 50, NPS 2-1/2 / DN 65, NPS 3 / DN 80, NPS 4 / DN 100
Valve Size Standard
Valve Type
Engineered Product, Globe


  • Forged body materials of highest quality, all in compliance with ASME and DIN standards.
  • Globe valves designed as per ASME B16.34, API 600, ISO, DIN, TRD, VGB, TRB, PED.
  • CE mark 100% Compliance with European Pressure Equipment Directive n°2014/68/EU.
  • “T”, “Y” and angle patterns available.
  • Packing with pure graphite pressed rings, with a minimum density of 1.8 g/cm3 each, to improve its sealing effectiveness and, at the same time, to decrease the risk for fugitive emissions.
  • Mechanical position indicator supplied as standard.
  • Yoke equipped with connecting flange on top to facilitate gear operator assembly.
  • Special constructions and materials available.
  • Valves are offered as standard with manual operators (Hand wheel or bevel gear depending on size). Actuated options such as electric, pneumatic or hydraulic are available.