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Fisher™ RSS Lined Globe Valve
The Fisher RSS valve is intended for use in applications involving severely corrosive and toxic flowing media, and is well-suited for pure media applications, as well.
The RSS valve body provides an economical alternative to alloy valve bodies in a wide variety of applications.
Fisher™ RSS Lined Globe Valve


Fugitive Emissions, PED, SIL capable
Critical Service
Low Flow, Corrosive, General Service
Flow Characteristics
Equal percentage
Ductile Iron (PTFE lined)
Operating Temperature
Standard Temperature
Pressure Class
CL 150, CL 300
Process Connection Type
Shutoff Class
Class VI (FCI 70-2)
Valve Size
NPS 1, NPS 1-1/2, NPS 2, NPS 3, NPS 4
Valve Size Standard
Other Configurations
Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.


  • The perfluoroalkoxy resin-lined assembly provides corrosion protection by shielding metal parts from the process media, making it ideal for controlling severely corrosive media.
  • Because all metal parts are shielded from the process fluid, the use of expensive alloys is not necessary.
  • Lining thickness is a minimum of 5 millimeters at all areas where the valve is exposed to process flow. Transfer molding techniques provide for excellent consistency, density, and low permeability. Transfer molded PFA material is translucent.
  • Greater safety under vacuum and high temperature service is achieved by dovetail anchorings which provide a mechanical bond, minimizing the possibility of detachment of the lining from the cast valve body.
  • The top entry design eases in-line maintenance.
  • The PTFE bellows seal is leak tight and, with proper use and maintenance, can have an expected life cycle exceeding 500,000 full stroke cycles.