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Keystone Figure 738 Pneumatic Actuators
Figure 738 Pneumatic Actuators
The F738 is a linear pneumatic actuator, designed especially for use on linear actuated valves
Keystone Figure 738 Pneumatic Actuators


Operating Temperature
Less Than 120 C
Valve Type
Control Type


  • Suits all linear actuated valves.
  • Engineered to provide the maximum force output with minimum supply pressure.
  • Simplicity and reliability are the fundamental design parameters.
  • Rugged yet functional design.
  • Operates with or without lubrication.
  • Simple to retro-fit.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • A full range of bolt-on; modular accessory packages are available including solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners and fail-safe systems.
  • Hydraulic cylinder option is also available using high pressure oil.
  • Spring return actuators are available in selected sizes.
  • The Keystone F493 failsafe units are an ideal choice for larger actuators as it eliminates bulky spring return actuators when limited space is available.