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ASCO™ 307 Solenoid Pilot Valves
ASCO Series 307-s Solenoid Valve 3_2 Brass
The ASCO Series 307-S, also known as 8307, is a line of solenoid pilot valves designed for heavy-duty industrial applications in hostile environments.
Their high flow capacity, rugged stainless steel or brass constructions, and long service life are especially well suited for use in drilling rigs and refineries. The valves are ATEX 94/9/EC Directive approved.
ASCO™ 307 Solenoid Pilot Valves


Valve Actuation
Manual Reset, Solenoid, Solenoid - Air Pilot
Body Material
Brass, Stainless Steel
Air, Inert Gas, Light Oil, Water
Pipe / Port Size
¼ "; "; ½ "; "; 3/8 "
Port Type
3 way - 3/2 Universal
From .43 to .86 Kv
24 DC, 48 DC, 24 AC, 115 AC, 230 AC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 10.3 Bar, Vacuum to 150 PSIG
Operating Environment
Hazardous, Corrosive, Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
IP65, ATEX Zone 0-20, ATEX Zone 1-21, CUTR / EAC, IEC 60529 (Ingress protection), EC Ex Zone 0-20, IEC Ex Zone 1-21, IP66, IP67, SIL


  • High flow capacity — & Oslash; 9 mm
  • Can be internally piloted, or externally piloted to convert valve to zero minimum pressure differential operation by applying auxiliary air
  • Satisfies all relevant EC Directives