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ASCO™ 411 Miniature Solenoid Valves
Series 411 Manifold
The ASCO Series 411 line of miniature solenoid valves deliver up to twice as many cycles of reliable, repeatable performance versus the competition when used in medical devices, analytical products, and instrumentation.
They also offer 12% to 15% lighter weight, plus better performance for the same power — critical in battery-operated portable devices. Designed for use with air and inert gases, the 411 Series valves provide high flow rates, improved maximum operating pressure differential (MOPD), and RoHS compliance. Typical applications include respiratory therapy, patient monitoring, compression therapy (DVT), and robotic pharmacy dispensing.
ASCO™ 411 Miniature Solenoid Valves


Valve Actuation
Body Material
Engineered Plastics
Air, Inert Gas, Oxygen
Pipe / Port Size
10-32 "; M5
Port Type
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 3 way - 3/2 Normally Closed, 3 way - 3/2 Universal
Less than .05 Cv, Less Than .04 kv
6 DC, 12 DC, 24 DC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 150 PSIG
Operating Environment
Indoor, Corrosive
Standards / Regulations


  • Tested to hundreds of millions of cycles
  • Corrosion-resistant construction materials offer durability and long life
  • Manifold mount permits easy assembly