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ASCO™ Series 067 Rocker Valve
The ASCO Series 067 is a line of rocker solenoid fluid isolation valves for use with neutral or aggressive liquids and gasses in analytical and medical systems.
The valves excellent self-draining capability and easy-to-flush, low-volume internal cavity make it ideal for applications where cross-contamination must be minimized. A special rocker mechanism, combined with a separating diaphragm, prevents heat transfer to the fluid and eliminates the sticking effect of the valve seat. Typical application include pipette dispensing, in-vitro diagnostics, DNA sequencing, and surgical fluid management.
ASCO™ Series 067 Rocker Valve


Valve Actuation
Body Material
Engineered Plastics
Air, Inert Gas, Aggressive Liquids/Gases
Port Type
Pad Mount
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 2 way - 2/2 Normally Open, 3 way - 3/2 Universal
Less than .05 Cv / Less than .04 kv
12 DC, 24 DC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 150 PSIG
Operating Environment
Indoor, Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
IP65, RoHS


  • Hermetic separation of control mechanism prevents particulate contamination caused by friction of moving parts, assuring maximum liquid sample purity
  • Hit and hold feature utilizes an integrated power-save switch that reduces analytical instrument power consumption
  • Meets all relevant CE directives and is RoHS compliant for lead-free applications