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ASCO™ Numatics Series 448 Rodless Band Cylinder
The ASCO Numatics Series 448 are rodless band cylinders designed for compact installations.
The rodless cylinder is perfectly adapted to applications requiring long linear movements such as handling and lifting devices and door opening and closing. The Series 448 is suitable for a variety of industries including packaging, tyre manufacturing, automotive production, and case packing.
ASCO™ Numatics Series 448 Rodless Band Cylinder


Double Acting
Body Material
Light Alloy
25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 80 mm, 16 mm, 40 mm
Operating Environment
Indoor, Outdoor
200 mm Max


  • Pneumatic cushioning or external shock absorbers reduce energy and noise at end of stroke noise
  • Plain or roller bearing-guided carrier
  • Passive or active brake system for accurate positioning
  • Carrier can be easily adjusted without having to take it apart
  • Operation without lubrication reduces maintenance
  • Wide range of options, mountings, and sensors are available