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ASCO™ Numatics Series 454 Cylinders/Actuator

As of December 2021, the Clean Design ISO 15552 cylinder Series 454 is no longer available for sale, replaced by the AVENTICS Series CCL-IS.

Spare parts will remain available until December 2026.

Relevant documentation is still available below.

For this type of Clean Design ISO 15552 cylinder, see AVENTICS Series CCL-IS.

ASCO™ Numatics Series 454 Cylinders/Actuator


Double Acting, Single Rod, Through Rod
Standards / Regulations
ISO 15552
Body Material
Light Alloy
32 mm, 50 mm, 63 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm
Operating Environment
Washdown, Outdoor, Indoor, Corrosive
25 mm Max., 50 mm Max., 80 mm Max., 100 mm Max., 160 mm, 200 mm Max., 320 mm Max., 400 mm Max., 500 mm Max., 630 mm Max., 700 mm Max., 900 mm Max., 1000 mm Max., 1500 mm Max.