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RMS Well Planning
With the increased demand for more efficient drilling operations, the oil industry is searching for ways of utilizing all data available while planning and drilling wells. The user-friendly, efficient and comprehensive RMS Well Planning module enables interactive target and exclusion planning based on seismic, structural framework, geological or simulation models. Targets can be digitized directly in 3D using all available geological objects in the RMS project, facilitating an easier planning process.
RMS Well Planning


Operating System
Operating System
Windows XP/Vista/7
64bit Windows PC
Windows XP x64/Vista x64/7 x64
64bit Linux PC
Linux Redhat v4 and v5


  • Reduce planning iterations and improve the communication between asset-team experts
  • Take advantage of a common tool for multidisciplinary teams to improve decision making for alternative target and well solutions
  • Optimize target and well-path design using RMS… 3D visualization capabilities
  • View current distance to target, horizons, faults and other wells
  • Avoid potentially devastating issues with an alarm system that can be pre-defined to warn of course deviations
  • Update your 3D model while drilling by combining with RMS… Local Model Update
  • Predict the trajectory ahead of the bit
  • Obtain illustrated┬álog property values in the drilled section