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RMS Seismic Inversion
PROD_ROX_PDP_RMS Seismic Inversion
Implementing highly efficient geostatistical algorithms, RMSTM Seismic Inversion enables geoscientists to use seismic data to quickly create highly accurate rock-property models.
The stochastic inversion tool combines high-frequency information from well logs with the band-limited frequency information from the seismic data, providing an inversion in which the output elastic parameters have realistic behavior.
RMS Seismic Inversion


Operating System
Supports Windows and Linux – contact us for specific information


  • Benefit from a user-friendly, fast and accurate solution
  • Gain insight with the ability to extract and model the elastic properties of the subsurface
  • Determine facies probability in 3D space and use it to condition facies models
  • Reference the inversion output to determine reservoirs’ petrophysical properties
  • Improve your decision-making process based on seismic inversion as an integrated part of the geomodeling workflow
  • Use inversion output parameters to condition facies and petrophysical models