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Rosemount™ 3200HP pHaser™ High Purity Water pH Sensor (Obsolete)
rosemount 3200hp sensor
This product is now obsolete.
Relevant documents and drawings are listed below.
Contact your local Emerson representative for your measurement needs.
Rosemount™ 3200HP pHaser™ High Purity Water pH Sensor (Obsolete)


5.4 lb / 7.6 lb (2.5 kg / 3.5 kg)
Measurement Range
Conductivity Range > 0.4 µS/cm
Ambient Temperature
0 °C to 70 °C (32 °F to 160 °F)


  • pHaser™ laser drilled capillary liquid junction resists signal drift.
  • Accurate and stable pH analysis of boiler water, feedwater and condensate
  • Simple maintenance requiring only bimonthly replenishment of electrolyte solution
  • Easy calibration needs no referee instrument
  • Electronic shielding of glass electrode reduces susceptibility to electromagnetic interference
  • Rugged combination electrode with VP connector
  • Exposed stainless steel solution ground with RTD provides rapid temperature response and automatic diagnostics