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Rosemount™ 5081FG High Temperature Oxygen Analyzer
rosemount 5081fg
The Rosemount 5081FG In Situ High Temperature Oxygen Transmitter provides a continuous, accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in flue gases from combustion processes ranging from 550° to 1400°C.
The 5081FG is an explosion-proof and intrinsically safe loop powered device which utilizes a zirconia sensor that is heated solely by process heat.
Rosemount™ 5081FG High Temperature Oxygen Analyzer


Response Time
Up to 10 sec T90
Process Temperature Range
Up to 2550 °F (1400 °C)
Ambient Temperature
-40 to 300 °F (-40 to 149 °C)
Probe Length Options from 20 in (0.51 m) to 38 in (0.97 m)
Communication Protocol
4-20 mA HART
Ordinary location, see full specs for complete list of certifications


  • The in situ probe and electronics are intrinsically safe
  • Operates in process gases ranging from 550°C to 1400°C (1022°F to 2550°F)
  • Provides HART® / AMS communications
  • Provides accuracy of +/- 1.5% of reading
  • Provides protection from hazardous process or ambient gases, preventing explosions without requiring field-mounted electrical barriers, flame arrestors or special enclosures. Explosion-proof conduit is not required for cabling.
  • Provides accurate oxygen flue gas analysis closer to the flame in boiler applications; enables accurate flue gas analysis in high temperature process heater or furnace applications
  • Provides convenient and cost-effective operator access to key analyzer parameters; provides analyzer diagnostic capabilities from the terminations room, instrument maintenance shop or control room.
  • Best accuracy specification for analyzer of its type in the industry; enables tighter energy control in process which helps user reduce energy costs; improves process throughput.