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Micro Motion D-Series Coriolis Flow Meters
Model D flow meters provide flow and density measurements for specialized applications including hygienic, corrosive and high pressure.
Model DL sensors are designed to meet 3-A sanitary standards for milk and milk products, and are USDA-accepted.
Micro Motion D-Series Coriolis Flow Meters


Mass Flow Rate
Gas Accuracy / Repeatability
Up to ±0.65%
Density Accuracy / Repeatability
Up to ±0.0005 g/cm3 ( ±0.5 kg/m3)
Line Size
1 inch to 4 inches (DN 25 to DN 100)
Pressure Range
Up to 4937 psi (340 bar)
Temperature Range
Up to –400°F to +400°F (–240°C to +204°C)
Electronics (soft)
MVD Technology


  • Easily measure milk and milk products with 3-A sanitary and hygienic standards
  • Safely accommodate acids and other tough liquids with corrosive-resistant materials
  • Rely on high-pressure capabilities to measure oil, gas and other challenging applications