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Packaged, easy-to-integrate systems provide precise control utilizing John H Carter's valve technologies to deliver gas to application specifications.
Pressure/Flow Control Skid


Valve Size
Up to Customer Specifications
Operating Pressure Range
Up to 2,500 ANSI
Process Temperature
-50°C to +66°C (-58°F to +150°F)
Process Product
Natural Gas, LNG, Refined Products
Custody Transfer, Allocation Measurement, Production, Gas Pipelines, Compressor Stations
Equipment/Material Included
Valves, Strainers, Pipe/Fittings, Structural Steel, Instrumentation, Wiring, Meters (optional)
Services Included
Project Management, Engineering/Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Testing, Startup/Commissioning, Training, Lifecycle Services


  • Accurately deliver gas to customer specifications while maintaining proper flow or pressure requirements
  • Comply with local/global regulations and standards, including requirements of 49 CFR 195 for Protective Equipment
  • Gain full control of your regulating system with integration of system data management with centralized control networks
  • Reduce vendor complexity and unclear responsibilities with a single-source provider
  • Eliminate uncertainties with access to industry-leading engineering expertise