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Winblend Blending Process Control Software
Winblend Inline Blending Operator Interface
Emerson’s Winblend is a comprehensive blending process control software package that incorporates over 50 years of process and industry knowledge.
This scalable, pre-packaged software solution has proven successful in helping lubricant, grease, and chemical manufacturers all over the world efficiently manage, control, optimize, and report on blending and pigging operations.

Emerson’s Winblend Blending Process Control Software

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  • Scalable solution from a single unit to an entire plant resulting in seamless integrations for future growth
  • Built-in pre-blend validations to ensure the availability of routes, materials, and tanks combined with 50+ years of field proven control algorithms to ensure on-spec production of batches
  • Standard, user friendly software with an interactive interface and minimal amount of displays needed to operate allowing the operator to quickly understand and operate the system
  • Integrate into ERP/SAP systems to integrate inventory and material management into the control system to automatically schedule, run, and report on batches
  • System database stores blending completion data that can be used to generate various blend reports based on varying levels of details
  • Compressive diagnostics for blending and pigging operations, system hardware, and instrumentation alerts, and alarms to prevent batch execution errors