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Plantweb™ Insight Heat Exchanger Application
The Plantweb Insight Heat Exchanger application provides in-depth monitoring of shell and tube heat exchangers by analyzing data acquired through wireless sensors and existing infrastructure. This application features real-time status and alerts, including fouling and heat duty. Employing machine learning based asset models and analytics, the application delivers predictive diagnostics and alert weights for maintenance prioritization.
Plantweb™ Insight Heat Exchanger Application


Operating System
VMware Workstation Pro™/Player™ 10, higher / VMware vSphere™ 5.5 or higher, or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • 2 processors
  • 1GB RAM minimum
  • 20GB of free hard drive space
Software Compatibility
Compatible Browsers: Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®, Microsoft® Windows™ Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer™
Communication Protocols
HART-IP™, Modbus® TCP


  • In-depth and continuous monitoring of shell and tube heat exchangers offers enhanced insight for better decision making
  • Pre-built algorithms developed from decades of experience and analytics helps enhance efficiency
  • Easy-to-use visual dashboard provides real-time heat exchanger status and alerts, including fouling and heat duty
  • Predictive diagnostics and alert weights enable prioritization of heat exchanger maintenance
  • Existing systems and wireless infrastructure are easily configured and integrated, linking them to the Industrial IoT
  • Remote connectivity enables access via desktop or mobile devices
  • Flexible software installation is accessible from many web browsers
  • Automatic device data interpretation provides actionable information to enable better decision making
  • Continuous monitoring of key assets improves reliability and safety, as well as environmental and energy usage