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A0323TX-EX Triaxial Accelerometer
Capture three axis measurements simultaneously plus PeakVue measurement from just one sensor and a single cable to the monitoring system.
A0323TX-EX Triaxial Accelerometer


Sensitivity (±10%)
100 mV/g (10.2mV/m/s2) all 3 axis
Measurement Range
±50g (±490 m/s2)
Frequency Range ±3bB (all 3 axis)
0.5Hz to 10kHz (30 to 600kcpm)
Mounted Resonant Frequency
23kHz (1500kcpm)
Amplitude Linearity
±1% (0 based, least squares straight line fit)
Transverse Sensitivity
Shock Overload Limit
5000 g peak (49010 m/s2)
Temperature Range
-54 to 121˚C (-65 to 250°F)
Sensor Sealing Rating
Welded Hermetic / IP68
Class 1 Division 2 GR A,B,C,D T4
II 3 G, ITS 18A TEX 203388X, Ex ic llC T4 Gc, Ex nA llC T4 Gc, -54˚C≤Ta+121°C


  • Capture three measurements plus Peakvue simultaneously from one sensor
  • CSA and ATEX approved