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DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting

Course number
  • JHC Metairie, LA
    Oct 12, 2020 - Oct 15, 2020
    8:30am to 4:30pm / 4 Day

Course #7018

This course is recommended for instrumentation and maintenance technicians, managers, and configuration engineers who need to know about DeltaV hardware. It provides an overview of the DeltaV Control Network, M- and S-series hardware, and software applications. Upon completion, you will be familiar with the hardware and be able to perform troubleshooting techniques.

Course Overview

This 4-day course focuses on the hardware components that make up the DeltaV system: M-series controllers and I/O, S-series controllers and I/O (including CHARMs), and DeltaV Smart Switches. Using a combination of lectures and workshops, you will learn how to use operator and diagnostic tools to identify and locate hardware-related fault conditions. Workshops provide the opportunity to disassemble and reassemble the M- and S-series hardware and return the system to an operating state.


•    DeltaV Overview
•    Operator Alarms
•    DeltaV Diagnostics
•    DeltaV Smart Switches
•    DeltaV I/O Cards and Carriers
•    Controllers and Power Supplies
•    Electronic Marshalling (CHARMs)
•    HART I/O
•    DeltaV and AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager
•    Redundant I/O