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Control Valve Engineering I

Course number
  • JHC Metairie, LA
    Aug 6, 2024 - Aug 8, 2024
    3 days

Course #1300

This course is for engineers, technicians and others responsible for the selection, sizing, and application of control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.


This 3-day course reviews design and operating principles of control valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories. It describes the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valves assemblies. Students will solve several demonstration sizing and selection problems using Fisher Specification Manager and published materials, plus participate in equipment demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Students who complete this course will:

  • select the proper valve characteristic for a given process
  • choose suitable styles of control valves for an application
  • size control valves and actuators 
  • properly apply positioners and instruments


Some experience with industrial controls equipment including control valves and actuators would be helpful.


  • Control Valve Selection: Rotary/Sliding Stem
  • Actuator Selection and Sizing
  • Corrosion Resistant Valves
  • Liquid Valve Sizing
  • Gas Valve Sizing
  • Positioners and Transducers
  • Valve Application Guidelines 
  • Valve Characteristics
  • Valve Packing Considerations
  • Cavitation
  • Valve Noise