Actuators & Accessories - Solving Your Valve Automation Challenges
John H. Carter Company has been in the Valve Automation business for over 30 years providing top of the line actuation & accessories to our customers. Our facility is a certified Emerson Valve Automation Center (VAC). Our Valve Automation group has a wide range of services which include product specification, product sizing, product application, documentation and CAD drawings. Our Valve Automation group is supported by our full service machine/CNC facility for all of our customer’s valve to actuator mounting needs.

 Bettis Actuators
Bettis Providing efficient solutions worldwide to customers requiring electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators. Today, Bettis actuators are used in virtually every application where valves are operated automatically, throughout the process industry. Using well-proven Bettis products, users optimize their productivity and see their total cost of ownership reduced.

Bettis G-Series Valve Actuators

Bettis G-Series Valve Actuators
Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch yoke actuator automates ball, butterfly, plug valves, and other quarter-turn devices. Offers symmetric or canted yoke. SIL 3 suitable and ATEX certified.

Bettis D-Series Valve Actuators
Bettis D-Series Valve Actuators
Pneumatic rack-and-pinion actuator automates ball, butterfly, plug valves, louvers and dampers, and quarter-turn valves. Compact and lightweight, the actuator partners reliability and economy. IEC 61508 certification.
Bettis CBA-300 Series Actuators
Bettis CBA-300 Series Actuators
Pneumatic scotch yoke actuator automates ball, butterfly, non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn rotating mechanism. Compact and lightweight, also certified to IP66 and IP67M.

Bettis CBB-SeriesBettis CBB-Series
Pneumatic scotch yoke actuator automates ball, butterfly, non-lubricated plug valves, or any quarter-turn rotating mechanism. Compact and lightweight, also certified to BS5490px: 1977-IP66 and IP67M.



Bettis TorqPlus Series
Bettis TorqPlus Series
Electric actuator automates ball, butterfly and plug valves, louvers and dampers, and any quarter-turn mechanism. Offers a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits/upgrades.


Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator
Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator
Valve Operating System (VOS) is only as good as its weakest link. A system made up with major components from multiple manufacturers can make problems harder to diagnose. The Bettis EHO Electro-Hydraulic Operator gives you a single source of design and accountability. The Bettis G-Series, spring-return actuator gives you the fail-safe reliability you need, Validated in thousands of applications for more than 30 years.


Hytork Hytork
Pneumatic rack and pinion valve actuators combined with TopWorx solenoid and switchbox accessories are the premium quality offering for automation of industrial valve applications in process plant. Designed for long life use, incorporating customer input, the body of the cast aluminum actuator provides extra drilled mounting holes for both top and bottom mounted accessories and can be directly mounted to butterfly valves. Actuator recognition at a distance is made easier by way of cast-in size identification. Springs carry a life-time guarantee and maintenance either in-field or in-workshop can be swiftly carried out by way of the patented “Safekey” quick release end cap facility. Hytork™ actuators can also be provided with a unique internal and external “Commando” corrosion protection coating, to combat aggressive corrosive environments. 

Hytork XL Series ActuatorHytork XL Series Actuator
The Hytork Excel (XL) Series are aluminum rack and pinion actuators meeting ISO, NAMUR, VDI/VDE standards. These heavy duty actuators are available in both double acting and spring return and feature corrosion protection both internally and externally.

XL “COMMANDO” Valve Actuator
The Hytork XL Commando actuator range solves aggressive corrosion problems, where stainless won’t. Uses a proprietary heat treatment and Fluoropolymers impregnated body and coated steel pinion.

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EIM. Highly Reliable Motor Operated Valve Actuators for Virtually any ApplicationEIM - Highly Reliable Motor Operated Valve Actuators for Virtually any Application
Offering a wide range of electric actuators with different frame sizes, horsepower ratings and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications. EIM electric actuator products are selected by application requirements of voltage, torque, operating time, and valve shaft diameter. Actuators are designed for ball, plug and butterfly valves as well as quarter turn damper and louver drives.

M2CP Electric ActuatorM2CP Electric Actuator
The Series 2000 Multi-Turn electric valve actuator products are selected by application requirements of voltage, torque, thrust, RPM, and stem or shaft diameter. Actuators are designed for service on gate, globe, check, stop-check, and angle-check valves as well as sluice gates, weir gates, and multi-turn damper drives. The Series 2000 Quarter Turn electric valve actuator offers a wide range of frame sizes, horsepower ratings and output speeds EIM quarter turn products are selected by application requirements of voltage, torque, operating time, and valve shaft diameter. Actuators are designed for ball, plug and butterfly valves as well as quarter turn damper and louver drives.

HQ Series Electric ActuatorsHQ Series Electric Actuators
The HQ Series Electric Quarter Turn Actuators are an extension of EIM's world famous 2000 Series MCP, M2CP and TEC200 Actuators. This new range offers a light weight, compact unit sizable for butterfly, ball and plug valves including damper control.

TEC2 Electric Actuator with Model 500
TEC2 Electric Actuator with Model 500
EIM TEC2 electric valve actuator is the next generation of the non-intrusive TEC2000 Actuators.  Its updated electronics and enhanced features as well as the increased torque range make the TEC2 one of the most reliable high-performance electric valve actuators. 

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Developed to meet increasing customer demand for valve automation systems with integrated control accessories and digital communications possibilities. FieldQ provides customers with an integrated, modular, cost-effective and intelligent pneumatic valve automation package.

This intelligent solution is capable of meeting the tough demands of both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where reliability and high standards of performance are critical. The highest attention to quality of design and manufacture ensures that the FieldQ can withstand extremes of temperature, harsh duty, and corrosive atmospheres.

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Kinetrol - Unbeatable Life & Reliability
The original VANE design quarter-turn pneumatic actuator with unbeatable life and reliability. Offering the widest range of modular bolt-on accessories. Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.

Kinetrol Rotary Actuators
Operation or positioning of ball, butterfly and plug valves, ventilation dampers and automatic doors. Uses also include movement and positioning of components during manufacture - in fact anything that needs to be turned through 90° or less, automatically or by remote control.


ACCU-Drive Damper Control – Combines the Kinetrol Vane style pneumatic drive and a heavy gauge rectangular steel stand design


-  Stainless Steel
-  Custom Coatings
-  Floor Mounted
-  Direct Mount
-  High Tensile Steel Drive Shaft
Ringfeder Lever Arm Locking Device Allows for Infinite Set


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     XOMOX Actuators


CRANE Matryx Vane Actuators
Only one moving part, the vane (paddle), is needed to transmit the torque to the valve.  Because the paddle is cast directly on the shaft, there is no lost motion during the stroke.  This design provides excellent repeatability.



XOMOX XRP Actuator

The unique features of XOMOX® XRP Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators include a balanced pinion which does not require an external clip to prevent the pinion from blowing out. The XRP also has individual single point adjustment for both the CW and CCW directions and 98 degrees of total travel on the most popular sizes.

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Shafer - Dependability in Valve Actuator SystemsShafer - Dependability in Valve Actuator Systems
 Around the globe, industrial facilities and surrounding communities rely on Shafer’s high quality, proven pneumatic and hydraulic rotary vane actuators, rotary piston actuators, linear valve actuators, and line break controls.

Shafer Control SystemsControl Systems
Shafer designs, builds and tests the complete valve operating system, including the actuator, controls and accessories. When you specify Shafer, you receive a complete system, factory tested, field proven and guaranteed. Shafer actuators can be operated locally, remotely or automatically by a variety of sensory and control devices. We have developed more than 4000 individual control systems to meet the many requirements of our customers.


 Shafer - L-Series Actuator

L-Series Actuator
Actuator for gate, rising stem gate, rising stem ball and globe valve applications on natural gas pipelines utilizing gas over oil power pressure. Ideal for ESD, linebreak and high thrust requirements.


Schafer - Rotary Vane Actuator
Rotary Vane Actuator
Actuator for quarter-turn applications on natural gas pipelines utilizing gas over oil power pressure. Concentric shape and balance are perfect for high vibration applications. Compact design ideal for platform topsides, ESD and linebreak protection.


Rotary Vane Subsea Actuators

The subsea rotary vane type actuator is ideal for double acting (open/close) valve control. The rotary vane can also be utilized in fail-safe applications where a hydraulic accumulator is used to provide power for the fail-safe valve stroke. Accumulators can be mounted with the subsea actuator or positioned topside with the hydraulic power unit.


SH - Series Gas-Over_Oil ActuatorSH –Series Gas-Over-Oil Actuator
or more than 60 years, Shafer actuators have been recognized for their reliable performance in natural gas pipeline service. The SH-Series helical spline gas-over-oil actuator continues the tradition. The double-acting hydraulic model is perfect for a variety of
small valve (2"to 8") natural gas pipeline applications


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ATI - Global Leader in Customized Valve Automation

 ATI - Global Leader in Customized Valve Automation
Piston actuators are used on all types of rising stem valves including gate valves, globe valves, and rising stem ball valves. ATI offers both pneumatic actuators and hydraulic actuators in the spring return and double acting varieties depending on the failure position specified.

ATI- Linear Pneumatice Actuators

Linear Pneumatic Actuators
The L & HDL Series are piston operated valve actuators that use air pressure or natural gas to provide the force required to open, close and control rising stem valves. The L Series is perfect for control valves. With smooth operation from speeds as slow as .012 inches per second to speeds as fast as 12 inches in less than a second. The HDL Series actuator is ideal for on/off applications.


ATI Linear Hydraulic Actuators

Linear Hydraulic Actuators
The H & HDH Series are piston operated valve actuators that use hydraulic pressure or high pressure gas to provide the force required to open, close and control rising stem
valves. The H Series actuator is ideal for control valves while the HDH Series actuator has been effectively used for on/off applications such as steam blow applications that require very fast opening speeds.

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Valve Automation - Accessories

TopWorx - A Global Leader in Valve Monitoring and Position Sensing
TopWorx - A Global Leader in Valve Monitoring and Position Sensing
Our solutions enable plants, platforms, and pipelines to manage and control operations more intelligently and efficiently under the most demanding and extreme conditions. Our Valvetop discrete valve monitors and GO Switch magnetic position sensors improve productivity and increase safety in the harshest environents and toughest applications.

 Valvetop D-Series
Valvetop D-Series
Our flagship line of premium valve controllers. The D-Series offers spacious, rugged enclosures in aluminum, stainless steel, or resin that accommodate a multitude of available switch, bus communication, and position transmitter options. All D-Series valve controllers are intrinsically safe and offer flexibility for high/low currents with 4amp/120vac and 3amp/24vdc capabilities. Whether you require a non-incendive box or a more robust explosion proof / non-incendive controller, we have the platform to meet the needs of your environment and application. 

Valvetop T-Series 
Valvetop T-Series
Switchboxes deliver outstanding value by providing full functionality in compact, direct-mount enclosures.

Go Switch SquareGo Switch Square
The original “leverless limit switches,” 10, 20, 30, and 80 Series GO Switches are the ideal replacements for traditional mechanical limit switches. Their sealed contacts, rugged enclosures, no-touch sensing, and snap action response make these switches the ultimate problem solvers for troublesome limit switch applications.

 Go Switch Round

Go Switch Round
With their all stainless steel construction, flexible AC/DC, NO/NC, and SPDT/DPDT contact configurations, superior corrosion resistance, and global certifications for all hazardous areas, 70 Series GO Switches outperform inductive proximity sensors in the toughest applications.

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Westlock Controls - Committed to Delivering More than Top Quality Valve Monitoring & Control Systems for Our Customers
Westlock Controls has built a global reputation providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Our focus on technology and supplying reliable products manufactured to the highest industry standards, makes us a preferred choice with the world’s leading process companies and a trusted partner for developing even better solutions in the future.

 Accutrak series are fully integrated and encapsulated rotary valve position monitors that are agency certified as non-incendive.



 Westlock control and monitoring equipment can be fitted with a variety of switches and sensors to provide the optimum combination and ideal solution for each application.

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Fisher Digital Valve ControllersFisher® Digital Valve Controllers
FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 and DVC2000 digital valve controllers are HART
 communication instruments approved for non-incendive, intrinsic safety, flameproof and explosion proof applications. Digital valve controllers work on single- or double-acting actuators. FIELDVUE digital valve controllers provide online valve diagnostics and are a core part of the Emerson PlantWeb™ digital plant architecture.

Fisher® FIELDVUE™ DVC6200
Fisher® FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 - digital valve controllers are HART® communicating, microprocessor-based current-to-pneumatic instruments with linkage-less, non-contact travel feedback. Three important functions are performed by the DVC6200 instrument
- Traditional positioning of a control valve by converting the 4-20mA DC input signal from the process controller to a pneumatic output signal to the actuator.
- Automatic calibration and configuration utilizing the power of microprocessor technology.
- Communication capability via the HART communications protocol to provide instrument and valve diagnostic information.

Fisher DVC SIS
DVC6200 SIS - The operation of many industrial processes involves inherent risk. Instrumented protection systems are specifically designed to reduce the severity of the impact of an emergency event. These systems, such as Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), are designed to monitor a process for potentially dangerous conditions. During an emergency event, the SIS instrument activates the valve to move the process to a safe state.


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PMV - A Complete Product Range of Positioners and Mounting PMV - A Complete Product Range of Positioners and Mounting
The PMV range of valve positioners are simple, rugged, and reliable. With a complete product range of positioners and mounting kits, PMV positioners can be mounted on a vast majority of valve/actuator packages.

PMV - A Complete Product Range of Positioners and Mounting The foundation of the PMV Valve Control System is the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. Performance of this unit has been enhanced with the special high gain/high capacity spool valve assembly providing very quick and accurate actuator/valve response.


PMV - A Complete Product Range of Positioners and Mounting
The EP5 electropneumatic positioner is adapted from the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. This compact and sturdy unit is designed for maximum performance in all types of environments. The EP5 is available in Standard, Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof versions.

PMV - A Complete Product Range of Positioners and Mounting
For position feedback, the F5 unit offers the ability to very simply add switches (mechanical or proximity), a potentiometer or a 4-20 mA transmitter to the P5 base pneumatic position

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ASCO ValveASCO Valve - The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solenoid Valves
The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. The ASCO RedHat brand offers the world’s largest selection of 
2-way3-way and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.

ASCO ValveASCO's 2-Way solenoid valves have one inlet and one outlet, and are used to permit and shut off fluid flow. The two types of operations are Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO). Two types of constructions apply to 2-way solenoid valves, which are direct acting and internally piloted.

ASCO 3-Way Solenoid Valves have three pipe connections and two orifices. When one orifice is open, the other is closed and vice versa. 3-way solenoid valves are commonly used to alternately apply pressure to and exhaust pressure from a valve actuator or a single acting cylinder. The RedHat solenoid valve can be normally closed, normally open or universal.

 ASCO 4-Way Solenoid Valves have four or five pipe connections, commonly called ports. One pressure inlet, two cylinder ports providing pressure to double acting cylinder or actuator, and one or two outlets to exhaust pressure from the cylinders. 

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Versa Valves - Delivering Reliability Under Pressure
Versa Valves - Delivering Reliability Under Pressure
Versa manufactures a variety of directional control valves. From electrically operated to manual. From vacuum to 200 psi. In materials such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

Versa Valves - Delivering Reliability Under Pressure
V Series valves are available with solenoid, manual, mechanical, and pilot actuators. Also available are unique features such as lockout, latching manual reset, and redundant coils.


Versa Valves - Delivering Reliability Under Pressure
A Quick Exhaust Valve is a 3/2 valve with an extra-large exhaust orifice designed to fit directly onto the cylinder port connection. The purpose of a Quick Exhaust Valve is to evacuate cylinder air directly to atmosphere, increasing reaction time of the cylinder rod or valve actuator.

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