John H. Carter Company is one of the largest manufacturer's representatives and distributors of industrial equipment in the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and on the Florida Panhandle.

We provide a wide range of products, services and support, including process control systems and instrumentation, control valves, regulators, actuators, automated valves, manual valves, pumps, heat exchange systems, controls for engines, turbines and compressors, differential pressure and electronic flow measurement and gas analysis.

Total Customer Commitment is John H. Carter Company's all-encompassing customer response program. At John H. Carter Company, it has been firmly established that our TCC program is the key strategy for long-term business relationships. There is daily priority to do things right to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. There is also a realization throughout our organization that when we do enough of the right things, enough of the time, customers will take notice, be appreciative, and favor us with their business. Give us a try - We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!