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John H. Carter Company, Educational Services
provides courses to help you optimize existing equipment and learn new technology in a variety of applications. Our courses include small groups with hands-on training in our lab and one-on-one time with instructors. We can develop a customized course to satisfy your particular training needs. Please give us a call to discuss training options on-site at your facility or at one of our local sales offices!
2017 DATES


September 12-14 Control Valve Engineering I, Course #1300 -  Metairie, LA |   Enrollment Request
This 3-day course reviews design and operating principles of control valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories. It describes the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valves assemblies. Students will solve several demonstration sizing and selection problems using Fisher Specification Manager and published materials, plus participate in equipment demonstrations and hands-on workshops.   $2,900
DeltaV Implementation II, Course #7017 - Metairie, LA |   Enrollment Request
This course is for process control engineers responsible for designing, implementing and testing configuration using the DeltaV system.  $

October 3-5 Valve Maintenance with DVC & Rosemount, Course #105 Metairie, LA  |   Enrollment Request
This 3-day instructor assisted course is operated in a lecture but mostly hands-on environment. We will devote the first day to control valves / actuators and the second day will be split between Pneumatic Controllers and FIELDVUE DVCs that are used in the Plants and Oil & Gas Industry. The third day will focus on Rosemount Smart Transmitters ---3051S Pressure and 3144P Temperature. $2,000
October 17-18 FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers (DVCs) with AMS ValveLink, Course #503 - Metairie, LA |   Enrollment Request
This course covers installation, setup wizard, troubleshooting & diagnostic. Overview of AMS Device Manager Software and AMS ValveLink Software. FIELDVUE configuration, alert monitoring, and a hands-on lab to perform diagnostics.  $1,450
October 24-27 DeltaV Hardware & Troubleshooting, Course #7018 - Metairie, LA    |   Enrollment Request
This course is recommended for instrumentation and maintenance technicians, managers, and configuration engineers who need to know about DeltaV hardware. It provides an overview of the DeltaV Control Network, M- and S-series hardware, and software applications. Upon completion, you will be familiar with the hardware and be able to perform troubleshooting techniques. $3,700

November 1-2 MOV Training (EIM/Limitorque), Course #305 - Baton Rouge, LA     |   Enrollment Request
This course covers maintenance on EIM’s Series 2000 and Limitorque’ s SMB and L120 Electric Actuators. The hands-on, laboratory program provides the foundation needed to interpret operation of these actuators. Topics include mechanical operation, electrical operation, maintenance, disassembly, inspection of components, adjustments, reassembly and trouble shooting of actuator malfunctions. Focus will be on electrical systems. $1,
November 14-16 AMS Device Manager with Smart Instrument, Course #601 - Metairie, LA    |    Enrollment Request
This course will deal with completing the exercises which make up the AMS training modules provides the quickest route to productive use of AMS software. The training exercises focus on skills required by engineers and technicians, and are based on real-world tasks that most users of AMS will encounter on the job.  $

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