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Reliability Solutions Service Offerings - Proven Field Methodologies

Vibration Diagnostic Services
Reliability Solutions’ proven field methodologies employ accurate vibration diagnostic techniques based on sound engineering principles. This ensures the most accurate and reliable diagnostic conclusions available for your rotating equipment.

Lube Oil Analysis
Reliability Solutions offers an experienced service that uses a multi-purpose portable measurement tool that combines abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy into a compact transportable system. Our Tribologists interact with your organization to identify the root cause for the best leading indicator of machinery health. This service is more comprehensive that mere oil analysis, it’s a partnership with knowledgeable people who care. Contact us to discuss our capabilities, the successes we have had with others and if this partnership can benefit you.

Lube Oil Analysis



On-Site Lubrication ProgramOn-Site Lubrication Program
- Details of Site Visit:
Equipment Inspection, Pictures & Labels

- Sampling Procedures:
Location Identification & Hardware

- Expected Norm:
Safe Access Port Designed for Oil Sampling

On-Site Lubrication Program

- Database Creation:
Software Component / Documentation
Complex reports for engineers and maintenance personnel.
Supports: Failure Modes / Effects Analysis (FMEA)



Baseline Data CollectionBaseline Data Collection
These collections during machine startups, provides the end user with documentation as to the overall operating
condition of each piece of critical equipment and also provides the necessary experience to solve machinery problems during this critical time. Our depth of knowledge in machinery operation and failure modes ensures that machine problems are quickly and correctly identified, thus keeping maintenance costs to a minimum and machinery availability at a maximum.

Balancing ServicesBaseline Data Collection
Corrects excessive amplitudes on all your machinery due to imbalance (after the problem has correctly been identified as imbalance). Reliability Solutions can accommodate all your needs from the most complex multi-plane gas and steam turbine projects, to a simple single plane fan balance. Wherever possible, effect (or influence) vectors are employed for “one-shot” balancing, resulting in considerable downtime savings through the elimination of multiple weight correction runs.

Alignment Services
Through the use of advanced alignment techniques, Reliability Solutions has the necessary experience to rectify alignment deficiencies in an accurate and timely manner. Coupling lasers, Rim and Face, Reverse Dial Indication are a few methodologies that are regularly employed.

Vibration System Installation and SupportVibration System Installation and Support
Reliability Solutions offers our customer years of experience in working with vibration systems such as Bently Nevada’s 7200, 3300, and 3500, Emerson’s 6500, and 4500 as well as other vibration systems out in the market place. Reliability Solutions technicians can provide a cost effective
means to check out and verify that these vibration systems are operating properly and ensure proper functionality and machinery protection is being maintained.

Predictive Maintenance

Custom predictive maintenance programs take you beyond the basics of data collection and archiving to ensure that potential machinery malfunctions do not become real ones. Reliability Solutions can provide contractual, periodic or continuous in-depth machinery monitoring and analysis to ensure that your machinery is always protected.

Root Cause Failure AnalysisRoot Cause Failure Analysis
Root Cause Analysis means analyzing failures down to the latent root causes, which are the deficiencies in management systems and restraining cultural norms that allowed the failure to occur. It is not enough to just identify the physical (mechanical/electrical) sy
stem failure, we need to identify failures at the organization (human) level. Seldom is time or effort taken to drive a root cause analysis past the physical condition of the failure into the human intervention and the system(s) that drive the human behavior. There is a quantum difference in the returns to the company when the extra effort to understand the total failure mechanism is taken. The power of root cause analysis is leveraged learnings. To eliminate a failure that is currently under investigation in a “one at a time” fashion should be a secondary objective of root cause analysis. When root cause investigations drive down into the latent roots, you will discover that the latent roots are common to failures both past and future.

Reciprocating Compressor Analysis

Reciprocating compressors are in critical services; however, most are not extensively monitored for overall health. These “recips” account for a large maintenance portion of a facilities’ expenditure; and unfortunately, also a facilities’ downtime costs. Recips are known for leaks, rattles, knocks, pings, rubs, imbalance and require specific vibration frequency monitoring from 1x to the ultrasonic range. Since recips behave differently than most rotating machines, recips require a different approach; to which Emerson fulfills. PeakVue is a powerful differentiating tool that is able to listen, detect and present to the user clear images of changing valve health on reciprocating compressors.

What does this PeakVue signature look like on a good,
healthy reciprocating compressor valve?


PeakVue Signature

What does this PeakVue signature look like on a bad,
leaking reciprocating compressor valve?

PeakVue Signature

Speciality ServicesSpecialty Services

- Motor Testing (On and Off Line Testing)
- Thermography
- Computer based ODS services utilizing MeScope
- Customized Vibration Training
- Factory Acceptance Testing
- Monitoring System Installation Services
- MHM Database Development