Project Outage & Turnaround Management
ControlWorx can provide onsite staff to assess, plan, document and execute your next turnaround by utilizing our proven best practices. We will help you to improve and maintain your equipment to maximize Process Performance.

Project & Outage Management provides temporary onsite trained personnel including project managers, application engineering, instrument and electrical technicians capable of piping, tubing, conduit, welding, removal and reinstallation of instruments and valves.

Project & Outage Management can help you improve the efficiency of your outage by helping you to evaluate, plan and manage your turnaround. The Project or Outage Manager will work with your planners to identify issues, schedule repairs, sourcing and procurement of critical equipment/parts, manage technicians, provide repair documentation and offer recommendations. Our main goal, in providing you this service, is to follow the scope of work without sacrificing quality; while we help you finish your outage on time and within budget.

Offering the following Services to make your Outage a Success:

Maintenance Services
Technical Support
Emergency Onsite Services
Scheduled Onsite Services
Resident Engineer
Advanced Repair & Replace
Parts Management
Service Support Agreements
Extended Warranty

Reliability Services
Turnarounds & Outages
Startup & Commissioning
Calibration & Verification
Site Evaluation & Walk Down
Safety System
Cybersecurity Services
Preventative & Predictive
Power & Grounding Integrity
Service Support Agreements
Legacy Systems Support

ControlWorx’s Project & Outage Management service is built upon consistent, proven results.