Services Tailored Specifically for the Nuclear Industry
ControlWorx offers services to the nuclear industry that extend beyond the traditional management and maintenance approach. These services include Project Outage and Turnaround Management, PM optimization services, AOV diagnostic testing and maintenance, and MOV diagnostic testing and maintenance.

Our unique methodology begins with extensive and detailed pre-outage planning process which challenges each work order to validate their actual intent ensuring both predictable outage performance and better equipment reliability. The transition from pre-outage activities to outage execution is designed to allow tasks to be executed by our full-time factory trained technicians with a one-touch, integrated valve team concept. This concept means the same team of technicians executes the entire work-scope ranging from instrument, actuator, and valve body repairs to diagnostic testing.

Our PM optimization strategy uses OEM recommendations for Predictive Maintenance activities based on a thorough engineering review of each application, materials of construction, industry OE, and upgrade opportunities to extend or verify the duration of the PM cycle.

Comprehensive Repair Reporting - Trusted Expertis
This revolutionary approach uses ControlWorx procedures that align with the nuclear industry milestones and standards. These procedures are specially designed to allow our Integrated Valve Team to have a proven success path while performing work package reviews, walk downs, valve team war-room implementation, readiness challenges, and execution.

Our post-outage lessons learned and recommendations go far beyond the execution of valve maintenance.

ControlWorx processes along with Emerson Nuclear Services include comprehensive repair reporting that documents valve condition with pictures for use in determination of PM effectiveness and optimization. Our lessons learned and continuous improvement programs are specially designed for each facility to allow an improvement in performance based on the tribal knowledge gained from permanent employees.

Repeat project managers and technicians, along with our repair reporting system ensure these lessons learned are not lost from outage to outage.

ControlWorx OEM maintenance strategies and affiliation with Emerson and other manufacturers allows us to work with the plant site to identify and implement long-term solutions to ongoing valve problems. Our process control engineers work with process automation 365 days a year both in and outside of the nuclear industry. We utilize this experience and employ the OEM engineering staff to provide the most comprehensive solutions. Once an opportunity is identified, we communicate with the site and OEM to deliver the best solution for the lifecycle of the assets.

Our Goal is Simple
Comprehensive pre-outage project management to execute predictable outage performance along with OEM maintenance and engineering strategies reduce outage scope and cost.