Services & Solutions
ControlWorx Services is equipped to support your project and turnaround needs. Our engineers are
available to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions designed to meet the toughest process control challenges.  Along with analysis of systems, design and engineering, turnaround and asset management, installation and training, we can provide turnkey support for almost any process control and instrumentation project.

Lifecycle Services
For 40 years, Lifecycle Services has been a provider of trusted expertise for reliability-centered control valve maintenance. A network of local business partners, service centers, manufacturing sites, and sales representatives puts experienced professionals when and where you need it. Highly skilled Fisher Certified Technicians provide effective maintenance, helping increase valve reliability, efficiency, and process availability through flexible, local service. Lifecycle Services Quick Link Chart

Control System Services
ControlWorx, LLC has extensive experience in supporting process control systems and offers a wealth of services that focus on enhancing the reliability, functionality, and continued operation of your control systems. As an Emerson Automation Solutions Emerson Impact Partner, our staff is factory trained and certified. Whether you are looking for assistance with a small addition of several control loops, or you are designing a grass-roots facility and are looking for complete services for control system design, programming, hardware and software checkout, documentation, startup support, and planned preventive maintenance.

Control System Services including engineering, configuration, simulation, installation and startup, upgrades and migrations, on-demand and preventive maintenance services, smart instrumentation, flow measurement and calibration services, industrial bus and wireless communications. Certified systems engineers for Emerson Automation Solutions Systems (DeltaV, PROVOX, RS3, AMS Device Manager, Fisher ROC/FloBoss, Bristol), Rockwell Systems (Allen-Bradley PLC), and experience with various other systems.



Reliability Solutions Services
Reliability Solutions’ proven field methodologies employ accurate vibration diagnostic techniques based on sound engineering principles. This ensures the most accurate and reliable diagnostic conclusions available for your rotating equipment.

ControlWorx Actuation & Valve Services
Providing shop and on-site valve repair and related services to the utilities, chemical processing, petro-chemical processing, oil refining, marine service and many other industry support activities. Whether in the shop or the field, we are fully equipped for fast, accurate, and cost effective repair of your block valves. We are also fully equipped to repair and service all sizes of gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly and plug valves. We not only repair low pressure bolted bonnet block valves, we specialize in 900 through 4500# pressure seal bonneted block valves.

AOV & MOV Valve Repair offers the depth and expertise of factory-certified technicians specializing in the repair of ALL types and brands of automated valves. Automated valve repair and diagnostic services can be done on-site or in one of our ControlWorx repair facilities. We specialize in troubleshooting and problem identification will all valve related instrumentation smart, digital and traditional.

Critical Service Isolation Valve Repair - Specializing in the Repair of Critical Service Isolation Valves
In addition to general valve and actuator repair, ControlWorx LLC offers specialized repair for critical service isolation valves. Current capabilities allow for the following list of repair and testing services:

- Delayed Coker Switch Valves
- Delayed Coker and Ethylene Service Isolation Valves
- Critical Service Bellowseal Globe Valves
- HF Acid Service Valves – All Valve Types
- WKM PowRSeal Gate Valves

- Pressure-Seal Bonnet Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
- Critical Service Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
- Metal-Seated Ball Valves
- Oxygen & Chlorine Degreasing Facilities (Clean-Room)

Nuclear Valve Services
ControlWorx offers services to the nuclear industry that extend beyond the traditional management and maintenance approach. These services include Project Outage and Turnaround Management, PM optimization services, AOV diagnostic testing and maintenance, and MOV diagnostic testing and maintenance. Our unique methodology begins with extensive and detailed pre-outage planning process which challenges each work order to validate their actual intent ensuring both predictable outage performance and better equipment reliability. The transition from pre-outage activities to outage execution is designed to allow tasks to be executed by our full-time factory trained technicians with a one-touch, integrated valve team concept. This concept means the same team of technicians executes the entire work-scope ranging from instrument, actuator, and valve body repairs to diagnostic testing.

Offshore Valve Services 
ControlWorx can help improve reliability and performance of your equipment across the Gulf of Mexico. Our experience, record keeping, and dedication to detail are proven to be effective. The skills of our technicians are directly related to our success. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained persons on a variety of equipment. This equipment starts with instrumentation, controls and control valves, to pressure safety valves and then to greasing / flushing and mechanical, of your production valves. Our best practice is to work from higher skilled requirements through to lower skilled devices, not the other way around. In other words, we don’t use valve greasing labor to check out, calibrate and repair instrumentation, controls and control valves.

Liquid Level Gage / Sight Glass - Specializing in Repair of Level Gauges of all Types
Our ControlWorx LLC facilities are fully staffed and prepared to service all of your level gage needs. Our experience ranges from general service direct-reading process liquid level gages to more complex high-pressure steam applications and associated instrumentation.  ControlWorx LLC also employs several certified welders for repair and fabrication of bridle assemblies. As with all our services, level gage services are represented by the highest quality workmanship and testing equipment in the industry. We specialize in service of products such as Clark Reliance, Diamond, Penberthy, Daniel, Yarway, Jerguson and Quest Tec Solutions (QTS).  

A brief list of level gage services includes:

- On-site surveys
- Bridle fabrication and repair
- Machining and NDE as applicable

- Hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing to OEM specifications
- Positive material identification (PMI)
- Bolt-torque (manual and hydraulic)
- Comprehensive historical data management utilizing our Global Valve Tracking system (GVT)

Project Outage & Turnaround Management 
ControlWorx can provide onsite staff to assess, plan, document and execute your next turnaround by utilizing our proven best practices. We will help you to improve and maintain your equipment to maximize Process Performance. Project & Outage Management provides temporary onsite trained personnel including project managers, application engineering, instrument and electrical technicians capable of piping, tubing, conduit, welding, removal and reinstallation of instruments and valves.

EngineWorx Engine & Compressor Control Services
EngineWorx distributes and services quality products for the Oil and Gas Producer. Established in 1933, our company is aligned with industry's top tier manufactures and provides quality, professional, accredited shop and field services. Our extensive in-shop services are tailored for your specific application. Backed by years of application expertise and support, our service professionals can provide insight into your process to maximize operations throughout your plant lifecycle. Our strategically located Service Centers house state-of-the-art equipment to provide the most comprehensive service needed to address product issues.

Asset ManagementTM Services
Our Asset Management offering brings this service to your site with a full time resident solutions provider.  Asset Management is a proven step by step process to reduce maintenance costs, improve process control in order to increase our client’s profitability. Providing on-site staff to improve and/or maintain equipment and process performance with proven best practices. Outage and shut-down management provides on-site trained personnel including project managers, application engineering, instrument and electrical technicians capable of piping, tubing, conduit, welding, removal and reinstallation of instruments and valves.

Tracking support documentation -  budget estimates to handle small jobs and large jobs.
- Asset Optimization:  Regulatory Device Diagnostics
- Control Systems:  Design, Integration and Field Maintenance
- Loop Diagnostics:  AMS SuiteTM: Intelligent Device Manager Services

Examining the performance of each loop to see if the variability is within the limits.

Disaster Recovery Services
Following natural disasters or catastrophic incidents, our team of recovery professionals is capable of rapid deployment, assessment, procurement, repair, re-installation and start-up of essential equipment to quickly and safely restore production capability.

Educational Services - Maximize Your Investment
John H. Carter Company Educational Services Specializes in Factory Certified Training by Emerson. Courses include Valve and Instrumentation Engineering and Technician Level Schools, Operation and Maintenance for the Oil and Gas Industry, Process Control and Loop Tuning, DeltaVTM , Control Systems  and FIELDVUE® Digital Valve Controllers using ValveLink® and AMS Diagnostic Software, AMS SuiteTM: Intelligent Device Manager.