Control System Services - Helping Your Operation to Run as Efficiently &  Profitably as Possible
ControlWorx, LLC has extensive experience in supporting process control systems and offers a wealth of services that focus on enhancing the reliability, functionality, and continued operation of your control systems. As an Emerson Automation Solutions Emerson Impact Partner, our staff is factory trained and certified and is available to support a range of services from small additions of several control loops to new grass-roots facilities. Our team offers a complete complement of services to encompass control system design, programming, hardware and software checkout, documentation, startup support, and planned preventive maintenance.

Providing Local Support for Your Emerson Automation Solutions Systems:

DeltaV PROVOX RS3ROC ControlWave

Type of Services:

Configuration Services - for large-scale greenfield projects, incremental plant projects, or small plant additions and changes. Includes design, review, configuration, FAT, SAT, and on-site startup.

Project Management Services
- a PMP process that helps manage all aspects of your control system project. Using our defined PMP process helps better define Project Scope, Cost, Schedule, Roles & Responsibilities, and Required Resources.

Panel Engineering & Fabrication Solutions
- CAD design and in-house local fabrication of custom control system panels that meet customer needs, area classifications, and specific requirements.

On-Demand Services - local technical hardware and software support available 24/7 when you need us.

On-site Loop Tuning and Optimization - can also include DeltaV Insight setup to continuously monitor and diagnose devices and loops after initial tuning.

Wireless Services - configuration and integration of Emerson WirelessHART gateways and instrumentation, as well as plant-wide 802.11 secure wireless infrastructure support.




AMSAMS Device Manager Services
ControlWorx, LLC has service offerings to implement the best practices of Emerson’s AMS Device Manager Suite. AMS Device Manager delivers predictive and proactive diagnostics on your smart plant assets that can improve plant reliability and performance. Choose from any one or a combination of these services, whether it be a one-time offering or on a routine contract basis.

Create a Useful Plant Database - build the logical AMS Plant Database in a way that makes access to this vital information easy to finPlantweb Digital Ecosystemd.

Database Maintenance - backup your database, verify integrity, repair any problems found, and store a copy off-site (optional).

System Audit - a comprehensive review of system configuration, network architecture, and third-party integration, including a fully documented report for your records.

Perform Software Upgrades - upgrade your system to the latest revision and install any new options purchased.

Configure and Monitor Device Alerts - setup and configure your intelligent device alerts to your plant’s specifications, and properly configure the Alert Monitor to capture potential asset performance problems.

Run and Review FIELDVUE Performance Diagnostics - for an “in service” diagnostics report on the status of your PD tier FIELDVUE Instruments.

Run and Review FIELDVUE Advanced Diagnostics - for more detailed “out of service” diagnostics available on AD and PD tier FIELDVUE Instruments. With proper permission from plant operations and maintenance, we can run offline diagnostics and provide a report and recommended actions.


SureServiceSureServicePreventive Maintenance Program
The DeltaV Preventive Maintenance Program is a solution that addresses the operational and maintenance needs of your Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV control system. We believe that by aligning your in-house system support team with ControlWorx, LLC service professionals, we will create a partnership whose goal is to ensure that your control system provides continuous top-notch performance and delivers better return on investment. Traditional preventive maintenance programs focus mainly on hardware, system cabinets, and consumables. The DeltaV Preventive Maintenance Program is a service contract that provides a comprehensive selection of hardware maintenance and diagnostics, as well as advanced system-level analysis. We offer similar Preventive Maintenance Programs for Emerson PROVOX and RS3 legacy control systems.

Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Visits
- provide a foundation of regular interaction with the system to maintain hardware and system-level components.

Quarterly Site Reports - contain system baselines with observations and recommendations for any non-compliant or potential issues.

System Audit - a comprehensive health review of system software, configuration, network architecture, and hardware.

New Technology Review - periodic review of new technology as it pertains to optimization of your specific system.

Priority Phone Support - priority telephone support for questions and issues that may arise concerning your systems.

Emergency Service - a predefined block of time to be used for emergency call-outs and phone support.

FOUNDATION fieldbus Diagnostics - a regular health and diagnostic check on FOUNDATION fieldbus segments. Includes full segment audit and report.

Service Bank Hours - a predefined block of time to be used for additional requested services.

DeltaV Insight Setup and Monitoring - setup of DeltaV Insight to continually monitor device and control loop performance.

AMS Device Manager Option - provides for additional service days to develop and implement the AMS Device Manager system.
- Assist with logical database implementation.
- Setup and configuration of device alerts.
- FIELDVUE performance diagnostics.
- Develop calibration routes and routines.

DeltaV Software Upgrade Option - provides for the performance of one major software revision upgrade to your DeltaV systems per year. Includes:
- Workstation and server audit to determine compatibility.
- Hardware compatibility and controller loading analysis.
- Controller redundancy and cross-communication analysis to identify potential online upgrade issues.
- In-house mock upgrade performed beforehand to identify potential database and graphical issues.
- Online and offline software upgrade.
- Post-upgrade follow-up and support.

PC Evergreen Option - provides for continued improvement in plant performance by ensuring that the underlying DeltaV control system computer hardware has the capacity and functionality to meet tomorrow’s process control needs.
- Provides for the replacement of all workstations and servers at a set interval, typically every 36 months.
- Establishes an escrow account wherein the cost of replacement workstation and server hardware may be spread out over multiple payments.