Our Field and Shop Services are Fully Equipped to Handle the Following Repairs:



-  Gate Valves
-  Plug Valves
-  Check Valves & Pressure Seals
-  Parallel Sliding Gates
-  Valve & Actuator Repair and Greasing
-  Turbine Drain Systems
-  Water Induction Valves

-  Attemperator Valves
-  Pneumatic Controls
-  Globe Steam Stops
-  Main Steam Stop
-  Suction Control Valves
-  Damper Drive Controls
-  Back Pressure Regulators
-  Dump Valves
-  Level Controls
-  Sight Glasses
-  Safety Systems
-  Emergency Shut-Down
- Pilot Controls

AOV & MOV - Cost Effective, Dependable Solutions to Help Your Facility Exceed Expectations
AOV & MOV Valve Repair offers the depth and expertise of factory-certified technicians specializing in the repair of ALL types and brands of automated valves. Automated valve repair and diagnostic services can be done on-site or in one of our ControlWorx repair facilities. We specialize in troubleshooting and problem identification will all valve related instrumentation smart, digital and traditional.

OEM Repair with factory trained repair services for Fisher, Bettis, Hytork, EIM, FieldQ, TopWorx and EL-O-Matic, Vanessa, KTM, Yarway, Clarkson, and many other brands are available available 24/7. Certified repair offers in-depth factory knowledge, safety training, and hands-on experience to repair your valves to OEM specifications. Access to proprietary information and use of OEM Parts are the crucial maintenance steps to providing Certified Repair and returns your equipment to OEM specifications. Our team will help you you meet the functional, regulatory and safety requirements of your plant.

Leak Detection Tools  to Quickly Locate, Qualify & Quantify Valve Seat Leakage
Leak Detection utilizing Acoustic Emission (AE) technology we can survey and identify leakage across any closed valve or trap under pressure. This service is useful in steam service for Heat Rate reduction and cycle isolation testing with both pre and post outage surveys. Leaking items are ranked for repair based on cycle isolation loss impact. Additionally, this service can: validate repairs, assist in field actuator mounting and setting of travel stops, identify leaking flare valves and PSV leakage, as well as resolve equipment isolation issues.


PM Services - Preventative Maintenance that Enhances
PM Services offer experienced service technicians that perform preventative, predictive and performance based maintenance procedures/techniques utilizing ControlWorx best practices. This program identifies bad actors and extends the duration between repairs and failures.

Pressure Relief Valve Testing and Repairing
ControlWorx holds a VR (Valve Repair) certificate of Authorization by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Technicians attend recurring training by an accredited Testing / Repair Firm on all makes / models of Pilot / Spring Operated Relief Valves. Only OEM Procedures are followed to conduct any troubleshooting, testing, repairs, or replacements off / onshore. We have an on line system available that maintains PSV records for government reporting accessibility, and allows for ease of searching criteria for maintenance planning. All testing and repairs are documented on to an electronic spread sheet. All tools and equipment are routinely maintained and documented to assure optimum performance.

Production Valve Asset Management
PVAM (Production Valve Asset Management) Survey that records all valves being maintained and their condition. This service maintains records on all work being performed identifying recurring issues and allows for long-term solutions.

Block Valves

Whether in the shop or the field we are fully equipped for fast, accurate, and cost effective repair of your block valves. We not only repair low pressure bolted bonnet block valves, we specialize in 900 through 4500# pressure seal bonneted block valves.

Mobile Services

We are proud to offer fully-equipped mobile valve repair shops each complemented by portable boring and facing machines. Benefits of the mobile shops include:
-  Precision repairs can be made on-site and in-place
-  Repairs completed faster, minimizing downtime
- Ideal for remote locations