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Steam is the lifeblood of your process. 

The steam system, often an overlooked and neglected utility, holds the key to improved equipment reliability, improved process efficiency, reduced energy costs, reduced emissions, and ultimately increased profitability. 

Let us help you unlock the potential of your steam system. With 88 years in the industry, John H. Carter Company combines our steam experts, Emerson’s wide product portfolio, local service, and a consultative approach to evaluate your plant and to help you achieve real results.

Optimize Operations & Energy Efficiency

Emerson’s broad portfolio of steam solutions include: thermodynamic, thermostatic and mechanical steam traps; blow-off and blowdown valves for removing sludge and dissolved solids from the boiler drum; gauges for monitoring the boiler drum water level; and automatic recirculation control (ARC) valves for protecting the boiler feed pump. Our experts can conduct steam system surveys and recommend solutions to ensure optimal operation and enhance energy efficiency. 

Stable utility operations are needed to support all production. Energy is a large part of your operating costs and emissions constraints which can increase due to poor steam system performance. With John H. Carter Company and Emerson’s help, you can make utility performance reliable and responsive; improve efficiency; maximize low cost fuel use; and lower emissions… all at the same time.

Improve Efficiency with Reliable Steam Solutions

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John H. Carter Company exclusively represents Emerson Automation Solutions’ steam solutions portfolio in the Gulf Coast Region.

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 Steam University™ Seminar  Steam University™ Seminar

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A Practical Approach To Understanding Steam Systems

Steam University is a comprehensive introduction to final control applications in steam systems. The purpose of the course is to provide an overview of key steam generation and distribution applications, including boiler blowdown, boiler level monitoring, pressure relief, steam trapping, pump protection and pressure reduction. The course includes real-world examples, best practices, selection criteria and maintenance tips for effective operation.

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