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Fisher™ Type 122A Three-Way Switching Valve
Type 122A valve is a high-capacity, economical three-way pneumatic switching valve for on-off applications.
This valve can be used for diverging or converging gaseous service, diverging liquid service with gas-loaded liquids, and converging liquid service.
Fisher™ Type 122A Three-Way Switching Valve


Body Size and End Connection Style
Connections A and C: 3/4 and 1 NPT
Connection B: 3/4 NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressure
150 psig / 10.3 bar
Outlet Pressure Range
3 to 150 psig / 0.2 to 10.3 bar
Temperature Capabilities
-20 to 150°F / -29 to 66°C
Approximate Weight
5 pounds / 2 kg
Additional Technical Data
For additional technical information, contact your local Sales Office or refer to technical documentation.


  • Convenient Installation
  • Easy Leak Detection
  • Easy Maintenance