AMS Device ManagerPredictive Intelligence - Improve the Availability & Performance of Assets
This integrated family of best-in-class diagnostic software applications enable you to detect plant equipment problems before they occur. Whether you are in plant management, operations, or maintenance and reliability, AMS Suite gets you the information you need to make informed decisions.

AMS Device Manager - Predictive Maintenance Avoiding Unplanned Shutdowns
Predictive maintenance helps plants avoid unplanned shutdowns and inefficient practices that eat away at profits. AMS Device Manager helps avoid these unnecessary costs with a universal window into the health of intelligent field devices. It gives your maintenance and operations personnel the ability to work smarter. Based on real-time condition data from your intelligent field devices, plant staff can respond fast and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace field devices.
AMS Device Manager - Predictive Maintenance Avoiding Unplanned Shutdowns


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AMS Machinery Health Manager - Improve Reliability, Availability & Performance
Mechanical equipment will eventually break down. It is simply a matter of time. You can only hope that the breakdown doesnít occur at the peak of your production schedule, or be caused by an out-of-inventory part. But if you know the health of your rotating mechanical assets, you are able to plan for repairs rather than react to unexpected failures. And sharing that information between maintenance and operations means repairs are anticipated and production schedules are adjusted accordingly. The plant recognizes increased availability and performance from production assets, rather than expensive downtime and costly repairs.



AMS Machinery Health Manager
AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software integrates information from robust diagnostic technologies. The powerful combination of software, online technologies, portable technologies, and world-class training builds a predictive diagnostic foundation for your machinery management program.  Emerson's AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies.  The result? A comprehensive view of each monitored machine and a more accurate diagnosis when developing problems are discovered.


MHM Wireless - Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations
As part of Emerson's Smart Wireless solutions, the rugged AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. It delivers vibration information over a highly-reliable, self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel. Configuration, diagnostics, and alerts are MHM Wireless - Providing Accurate Vibration Monitoring in Hard-To-Reach Locations imported into AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager.

The AMS 9420 is ideal for vibration monitoring applications, especially in hard-to-reach or cost prohibitive locations. It provides reliability with advanced accuracy for all installations. The CSI 9420 can be configured for a variety of low-power accelerometer sensor input options including one accelerometer, one accelerometer with embedded temperature, or two accelerometers.
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Machinery Health Management On-Line - Protection and Prediction in a Single Chassis & We Can Prove It

CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor The AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects and combines prediction and protection in a single chassis. Emerson is the leader of integrated technologies for process automation and plant-wide predictive technologies for managing both fixed and rotating assets. The CSI 6500 is fully compliant with API 670 and integrates protection, prediction, real-time performance monitoring and process automation. Emersonís PlantWeb digital architecture provides enterprise-wide information needed for real-time decision making.
A Protection System You Can Count On

Missed trips, false trips, and running blind are not acceptable in your plant. The CSI 6500 helps prevent missed trips by using module self-health checking, instrumentation health monitoring and hot-swappable, external, redundant power. External power removes heat and user "touches" away from the rack.     
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CSI 6300 SIS Digital Overspeed Protection SystemAMS 6300 SIS Digital Overspeed Protection System: Overspeed conditions on critical rotating equipment can be damaging to your assets and the plant personnel in the area. In addition, damaged equipment is expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace. The CSI 6300 SIS is TUV-certified for SIL 3 and complies with the latest versions of industry safety standards IEC 61508:2010, IEC 62061:2005, IEC 61511-1:2003, and the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EG. The entire system also meets the API 670 standard for machinery protection systems.


AMS 2600 Machinery Health ExpertEmerson's AMS 2600  Machinery Health Expert satisfies the need between two-channel portable analyzers and permanently-installed online vibration monitoring. Before a planned outage, connect all 24 channels of the CSI 2600 to simultaneously record continuous time waveforms. With AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager, view waveforms, spectral data, and orbits live. Replay the event using a customized view for further analysis, or replay as a presentation to the maintenance staff. Configure the CSI 2600 for PeakVue waveform processing, order tracking, time synchronous averaging, or predefined parameters for advanced analysis. Whether diagnosing a suspected load, speed, or batch dependent problem, bringing a new machine online, or verifying critical speed prior to machine acceptance from the vendor, the CSI 2600 has the power to deliver quantitative answers.    Data Sheet


MHM Portable - Providing Fast Actionable Information to Prioritize Maintenance Activities - Not All Vibration Measurements are the Same!
Vibration data collection and analysis is the accepted cornerstone to any predictive maintenance or reliability program. Emersonís CSI 2140 takes those vibration measurements to the next level with simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capabilities for the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox degradation.

CSI 2140 The AMS 2140 is the next generation in a family of industry-leading vibration analyzers from Emerson. The CSI 2140 was designed to meet the toughest user challenges - and was driven by feedback from customers like you! In addition to providing the fast data collection, the CSI 2140 was ergonomically designed for comfortable, single hand operation - all day long.  AMS 2140 Cost Calculator  |   Route-Based Vibration Analyzers




Reliability Solutions Handhelds- Field Communicators for Your Maintenance Needs
Emersonís family of handheld field communicators delivers powerful predictive diagnostics while simplifying your work in the field. Emerson communicators are rugged, reliable, and intrinsically safe so you can take them wherever you need to go to get the job done.

475 Field CommunicatorThe 475 Field Communicator delivers:
- Full-color graphical interface
- Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module for days Ė not hours Ė of battery life
- Quick boot up and fast operating time
- Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices
- ValveLink Mobile for powerful diagnostics on Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers
- Localized language versions of user interface in English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese
- Accessory Kits for Field and Shop



Spectro ScientificOil Analysis - Higher Equipment Availability, Greater Productivity & Lower Maintenance Costs
Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2008 company, specializes in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring. The company is one of the largest suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. Spectro Scientificís extensive product offerings include spectrometers for wear metal analysis, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers, particle analysis instruments and complete turnkey systems for oil or fuel analysis laboratories, all managed by its SpectroTrack software platform. Spectro Scientific develops a broad array of fluid analysis instruments for evaluating machine and lubricant condition in the field, in the lab and in highly mobile, handheld applications. The instruments provide critical data about an engineís condition and can provide an early warning of engine failure.

Q110 Fluid Scan - Spectro Oil AnalysisQ1100 Fluid Scan - Spectro Oil Analysis
The portable Q1100, when used in conjunction with OilView software, enables route based oil analysis, which integrates with other widely used predictive maintenance technologies such as vibration and thermography. The Q1100 plays an important role in predictive maintenance and Machinery Healthô management by measuring water, total acid number (TAN), oil oxidation, glycol, total base number (TBN) and other parameters. In addition, the unitís patented flip-top design speeds test preparation and cleanup.   Features & Benefits


Portable Oil Lab - Rugged DesignPortable Oil Lab - Rugged Design
The Q5800 is a multi-purpose, portable measurement tool combining abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and IR spectroscopy into a compact, field-based system. The battery-powered device is an ideal tool for maintainers of mobile, high cost equipment who need a complete lubricant assessment for condition monitoring and immediate results for condition-based decisions. Its rugged design accommodates a variety of environments requiring transport in the field.



Q3000 Portable Kinematic Viscometer
Q3000 Portable Kinematic Viscometer - Providing High-Accuracy Measurements for Easy Detection
The SpectroVisc Q3000 series viscometers are the first truly portable, solvent-free, temperature-controlled 40C kinematic viscometers, providing high-accuracy measurements for easy detection of viscosity variations caused by contamination, mix-up and oil degradation. The devices were designed to determine kinematic viscosity in the field for applications where immediate results are essential for determining the health of critical equipment.   Features & Benefits