Protecting Life, Property & Productivity
Rosemount Analytical is a leader in the manufacture of flame detectors, fixed toxic and combustible gas detectors, ultrasonic gas leak detectors, aspirators, and other process safety equipment. For nearly 20 years, operators and engineers alike have made us their preferred choice. Our products deliver rock-solid performance combined with unique functions and features that simplify their day-to-day operation, lower operating costs, and enhance overall safety coverage. No matter how difficult the conditions, your plant and personnel can operate with the confidence that our flame and gas detection equipment will provide the protection they need.

Gas Detection Transmitters
The Millennium II Series of universal fixed gas detection transmitters provide an advanced micro-processor based control and communications interface for our advanced Toxic (ST3 Series) and Combustible (SC3 Series) Gas Sensors.

Flame Detectors
Optical Flame Detectors designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and connect directly to alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems.


Air Particle Monitoring
Explosion-proof, infrared detector designed to monitor ambient air in hazardous areas for particulate matter such as smoke, oil mist, carbon, dust or ash.


Ultrasonic Gas Leak
Advanced gas leak detection system utilizing four ultra-sensitive acoustic sensors which constantly monitor for the release of pressurized gas. Designed to provide reliable, wide-area gas detection (toxic and/or combustible) coverage in any hazardous-area application where pressurized gas is present - regardless of the environmental conditions.


HOCHIKI - The World's Finest Fire Detection Systems,
Since 1918

Through Hochiki’s sophisticated life safety, fire detection and emergency devices, people’s lives and property are kept protected, helping make the world a safer place to live. We live to improve the lifestyle of each employee, stockholder, and member of the community.



Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Up to 127 addressable sensors/modules plus 127 notification appliances.


Very Early Warning Smoke Detector
Detectors smoke at the smoke particle level well before visible smoke is recognized.


Specialized fire suppressant system designed to be activated electronically or auto activate even if electrical failure has occurred during a fire event.



ATI Systems - The Most Reliable Mass Notification Systems
Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems) designs, manufactures and installs reliable emergency warning and notification systems for the Campus, Community, Industrial and Military markets. Incorporated in Massachusetts in 1981 as an acoustical consulting firm, ATI Systems developed an innovative wireless system that provides audible and visual warnings via a simple and compact hardware design, user-friendly software and the latest advances in communication methods, including radio frequency, IP Ethernet and satellite technology. ATI Systems has successfully grown into a worldwide system integrator, hardware designer, siren manufacturer and supplier of warning and notification systems. Through acoustic design and modeling, ATI Systems provides proper sound coverage and superior voice intelligibility in both outdoor and indoor areas to ensure the safety of communities worldwide. ATI Systems offers one of the most reliable, cost-effective and compact system designs in the industry. We have a dynamic team of skilled designers, engineers and technicians to create and install systems customized to our customers’ requirements. Our high-performance products are used by colleges and universities, communities, ports, refineries, nuclear power plants, military bases and other homeland security locations to maintain the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Since its founding, ATI Systems has proven its value and robustness in a wide range of applications, including:
- Wide Area Outdoor Warning and Public Alert Systems for public and municipal use (DHS/FEMA)
- Plant Safety Systems for industrial applications (OSHA)
- Giant Voice Systems for Military Bases (CFR)
- Alert Notification Systems (ANS) for nuclear facilities (FEMA & NUREG)
- Acoustical Testing, Independent Certification, and Report Generation for FEMA, NUREG, OSHA, and major US based siren manufacturers

Control Station (CS)
The Control Station (CS) provides a centralized location for activating, controlling and monitoring all system equipment. The CS also has the ability to broadcast live public address, pre-recorded messages and siren tones. The software provides an extremely user-friendly, graphics-based interface to display a detailed map of the county, facility, base or campus with color-coded icons to visually indicate the location and status of the sirens and remote units.

   High Powered Speaker Station - 3200 (HPSS32)
   Our most powerful siren, the HPSS32 provides maximum coverage area and excellent voice clarity for outdoor mass notification   
   applications where intelligibility of pre-recorded voice messages and live Public Address (PA) is important. The HPSS32 includes 3200   
   watts of continuous audio output and is battery powered for reliable outdoor alerting even when AC power is lost as is often the case
during an emergency.

MassAlert® Software (MAS) Alert is an advanced software program that utilizes a graphical user interface for overall control and monitoring of Mass Notification System (MNS). MassAlert is customized for each client’s specific system and utilizes field unit icons layered onto location maps and building diagrams of the system to provide system overview and at a glance status. The Fast Alert feature allows easy access to preconfigured alerting options so users can activate the system quickly - even when under severe distress.

Mobile High Powered Speaker Station (MHPSS)
The transportable MHPSS provides 1600 or 3200 Watts of continuous audio output power for reliable alert tone notification and voice instructions in emergency situations or for public address. The MHPSS includes a sturdy noncorrosive trailer, standard-type bolt-on drawbar eye for vehicle transportation, front and rear expanding leveling jacks to stabilize the trailer on unlevel ground, a 35 foot folding mast with mechanical or optional electrical cranking with four (or eight) attached 400 Watt speakers and a hand crank for speaker positioning.


SAMSUNG - Stepping Forward for a Total Security Solution Provider

High Performance Network Video Recorder
Up to 100mbps recording with up to 8 external HDDs will fit most CCTV systems. On board video analytics.

2 Megapixel Full HD PTZ Camera
16:9 Full HD with 32x Optical zoorm, Multiple Streaming, and Day/Night Capabilities.

3 Megapixel Full HD Fixed Camera
16:9 Full HD, Multiple Streaming, and Day/Night Capabilities