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The maintenance, control and protection of reciprocating and rotating machinery is essential to any operation. Failure in any of these areas risks safety, environmental compliance and profits at risk.
EngineWorx distributes and services products from quality suppliers of engine and compressor control solutions to the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, industrial marine, and stationary engine industrial markets. Our Team has over 100 years of cumulative experience helping our customers with industrial engine and compressor controls, instrumentation and ignition products.

We are Service Professionals, providing of in-plant and consultative services which all target a simple objective: Helping your operation to run as efficiently and profitably as possible; and we've got the track record to prove it!

EngineWorx is a full service organization designed to address the needs of the Energy Industry.
Servicing such major market areas as:

From simple shutdown panels to complete unit automation, EngineWorx can solve all your engine, compressor and turbomachinery control needs. At EngineWorx we pledge to provide a COMPLETE solutions package to all of our customers.

- Oil & Gas
- Chemical & Petrochemical
- Industrial Marine
- Industrial Stationary
- Municipalities

Enovation Controls
Enovation Controls leads the industry for engine and equipment protection and monitoring in the Marine, Industrial, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicle markets. Their complete line of PowerView displays, PowerCore controls and supporting end devices and instrumentation solutions coupled with their extensive application experience allows us to provide customers with a complete solution approach for their engine and equipment control, protection and monitoring needs.

Murphy by Enovation Controls, along with EngineWorx, is more than a supplier of products. We work closely with our customers to design and deliver innovative and reliable products for specific applications.



Enovation Controls - Mechanical Pressure Gauges Mechanical Pressure Gauges
The 20 and 25 Series SWICHGAGE® models are diaphragm-actuated, pressure-indicating gages, with built-in electrical switches. These switches are used for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices.
Enovation Controls - Mechanical Temperature Gauges Mechanical Temperature Gauges
The 20 and 25 Series SWICHGAGE® models, with built-in electrical switches. These switches are used for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices and use a capillary tube and a sensing bulb. When subjected to heat, the liquid in the sensing bulb changes to vapor creating pressure against the diaphragm mechanism The diaphragm translates this vapor pressure into a mechanical gage reading.
Enovation Controls - Control Devices Control Devices
Heavy Duty throttle controller, clutch engagers and fuel and air shutoff devices developed specifically to automatically control engines. Murphy devices draw low current and provide high torque when needed, making them ideal for all automatic and semiautomatic engine systems.

Panel Systems for Stationary, Industrial and Marine Engine Panels

Enovation Controls - W0168 and W0241 Panel Kits W0168 and W0241 Panel Kits
The W0 series panel kits were developed specifically for air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines where a weather proof engine panel is required. Both kits features Swichgage® protection for low engine oil pressure and high cylinder head or high oil temperature. Shock-mounted panel bolts directly to the flywheel housing or bracket of your design.
Enovation Controls - Mechanical Engine Panels Mechanical Engine Panels
The Murphy AO, WO and MLP series panels are specific to you needs and are fully tested prior to shipment.
Maximize the monitoring and alarm capabilities for your mechanical engine with FW Murphy’s panel solutions designed specifically for commercial marine applications. The 100 Series and 300 Series provide the durability, reliability and functionality essential for your engine, and offer a broad range of features from which to choose.
Enovation Controls - Electronic Engine Panels Electronic Engine Panels
The MurphyLink® Series is a superior panel offering which include powerful, yet simple-to-configure electronics. These controllers are part of the Murphy PowerCore family and were developed to meet the needs of the stationary engine operator for manual or automatic control; whether it’s starting/stopping, throttling or both. From the entry level ML-25 to the full ML3000, this series of panels also have the flexibility and options to be used on either mechanically or electronically governed engines supporting SAE J1939 CAN communications.

Displays for Industrial and Marine Engines

Enovation Controls - PowerView™ Series
PowerView™ Series
The PowerView™ series are is a full-featured, configurable displays that show integrated engine, transmission and diagnostic information in an easy-to-read operator interface. From the economical and compact PV25 to the full color, full function PV-780. We have the display solution you seek.

Enovation Controls - Vessel and Engine Monitoring Vessel and Engine Monitoring
Using the PowerView™ series full-featured, configurable displays, we integrate communications and monitoring vessel wide. Integrated engine, transmission, steering hydraulics, power generation and diagnostic information are accessed through an easy-to-read operator interface. PowerVision Configuration Studio® allows users to edit CAN parameters, add OEM specific PM tasks and create custom equipment screens for a unique and sophisticated user interface. 

For help with an instrumentation application, please send your request to sales@johnhcarter.com

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FW Murphy Production ControlsFW Murphy Production Controls - Products that Improve the Protection, Performance & Reliability of Engines
For more than 70 years, companies around the world have depended on FW Production Controls for monitoring and protection of their engines and driven equipment. FW Murphy Production Controls' product line includes engine instruments that monitor critical functions. The product line offers instrumentation, compressor controls, custom panels, auto start/stop controllers and more. FW Murphy Production Controls has a history of reliability, with products designed to meet the highest durability standards. To meet market changes, they  constantly creates new solutions, improve existing products and maximize manufacturing efficiencies.


FW Murphy Production Controls - End Devices End Devices
From the simple sender to the PXT-K Series pressure transmitters. Murphy sensors are dependable and easy to install. Their construction, combined with the advanced internal signal conditioning circuitry, results in a rugged instrument with extremely small temperature error.

Engine and Compressor Controls

FW Murphy Production Controls - Integrated Engine Controls Integrated Engine Controls
Optimizing your engine’s performance and maintaining emission compliance is easier than ever with Murphy’s new Engine Integrated Control System (EICS). The pre-configured EICS combines key components - ignition system (powered by Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ Ignition technology), air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnesses, catalyst and engine control. It is a complete integration package pre-calibrated specifically for your engine model.
FW Murphy Production Controls - Rich Burn and Lean Burn Air Fuel Ratio Controllers for Natural Gas Fueled Engine Rich Burn and Lean Burn Air Fuel Ratio Controllers for Natural Gas Fueled Engine
Murphy’s Compliance Richburn AFR line controls rich-burn, natural gas-fueled engines – maximizing the efficiency of a three-way catalyst by maintaining the proper air-fuel ratio over varying engine loads, speeds, fuel quality, ambient temperatures and barometric pressures. From the AFR-1 to the multi-setpoint AFR-9 and AFR-64 systems, Murphy’s controllers work without operator intervention, are easy to use and offer on-board diagnostics.
FW Murphy Production Controls - 601 CD Ignition System 601 CD Ignition System
The 601 is a self-powered Capacitor Discharge (CD) Ignition System which can be installed on any large flywheel, spark-ignited engine. With electronics engine-mounted in close proximity to the flywheel, the unit is powered by magnetic charging circuitry.
FW Murphy Production Controls - IntelliSpark™ Ignition Controller System IntelliSpark™ Ignition Controller System
The IntelliSpark™ series ignition systems are direct crankshaft reference, capacitive discharge designs with enhanced diagnostics and MODBUS communications. These microprocessor based controls provide precise spark timing that improves fuel economy, load balance and ignition stability. Intellispark uses “smart coils” with a sense lead connection for spark plug demand voltage measurements allowing the system to measure demand on each cylinder’s plug(s) for diagnostic purposes. Intellispark controls the energy delivered to the smart coils to optimize spark plug life. Several smart coil designs are available to accommodate specific ignition requirements including, remote mount coils and plug-mounted (integral) coils, non-hazardous or CSA C1, D2 rated versions.

Panels for Oil and Gas Production Applications

FW Murphy Production Controls - TTD™ Annunciator Panel TTD™ Annunciator Panel
The TTD is a full-configurable fault annunciator and shutdown control system designed to protect engines, compressors and their associated equipment. This “Tried and True” base level panel is easy to install and maintain.
FW Murphy Production Controls - Centurion™ Control Panel Centurion™ Control Panel
The C4 Series Centurion™ Configurable Controller functions as both an annunciator and compressor controller. The C4 combines the monitoring and shutdown features of an annunciator, with auto-start and basic engine controls that help prevent shutdowns.


FW Murphy Production Controls - Centurion PLUS™ Control Panel Centurion PLUS™ Control Panel
The Centurion PLUS™ Control Panel is the latest evolution in Murphy's controller technology. This full featured controller provides the stability of legacy technology combined with fully expandable IO, MODBUS and CAN communications, the latest HMI touchscreen for greater expandability and user interface, and flexibility to accommodate any control need.


Tech Development (TDI) Tech Development (TDI)  - The Original Turbine Air Starter is also the Market Leader in Engine Starting Reliability
Since 1958, Tech Development (TDI) has specialized in the design and manufacturing of air turbine products and components for NASA and the private sector aerospace industry. This expertise ultimately led to TDI designing and manufacturing industry’s first turbine starter – the TurboStart in 1979. Further development led to the two stage TurboTwin model. TDI’s innovation has raised expectations for starter system’s delivered power, efficiency and durability.  TDI is recognized worldwide by every OEM, system packager and engine/compressor fleet owner as the industry’s leading manufacturer of reliable starting systems. From diesel and natural gas engines to large industrial turbine engines, TDI and EngineWorx stand ready to support your application needs.
TurboTwin T20 TurboTwin T20
The T20 is “The Low Pressure Starting Champion” and has been designed for engines up to 6 liters displacement. It is the perfect fit for Low Pressure Gas Compression, Barge Top Engines, Underground Mining, or to Replace Electric Starters.
T25 Turbine Air Starter T25 Turbine Air Starter
The T25 Turbine Air Starter are Ideal for Small Marine Engines between 6 -16 liters. The T25 delivers a lot of power from a small package. The T25 redefines robust starting and reliability for small space applications.
T30-I Inertia Engaged Air Starter T30-I Inertia Engaged Air Starter
T30-I and T30P Air Starters are for Small to Mid-Size Engines up to 20 liters. The T30 series are lighter and generate up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. The T30’s efficient twin-turbine motor design gives you more cranking power with less air for faster starts.

T50-I Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter T50-I Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter
The T50-P (pre-engaged) and T50-I (inertia-engaged) units are mid-size turbine air starters designed for workboats, tugs and mine haul trucks. Like all TDI starters, these units are highly tolerant of damp, salty air and dirt.
T100-B Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter T100-B Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter
The “Workhorse of the Industry”, the T100-B provides reliable starting for large engines up to 250 liters (15,000 CID). Long cranking cycles and dirt air have almost no effect on the T100. Developing up to 105hp, the T100-B inertia-engaged starter is designed for your most critical applications.


T100-V Pre-Engaged Turbine Air Starter T100-V Pre-Engaged Turbine Air Starter
The pre-engaged T100-V provides hi torque and reliability for large engines up to 300 liters. Long cranking cycles, contaminated air, and improper maintenance have almost no effect on the T100-V. With its offset pinion design, the T100-V can be “clocked” to fit most any large starter application.
T30-ML Auxiliary Oil Pump Motor T30-ML Auxiliary Oil Pump Motor
Cold, dry starts and hot shutdowns take a heavy toll on engine and equipment bearings, and turbochargers. Your engine’s life is reduced significantly without proper prelube and postlube cycles. TDI’s T30ML auxiliary pump motors deliver lubrication before starting and after shutdown. Being air driven, the T30ML delivers lubrication, post engine shutdown, even in the case of a complete power failure.
Gas Turbine Starters Gas Turbine Starters
TurboStart™ 56 Series starter couples TDI’s extensive aerospace experience with their understanding of industrial operating environments. This has brought a standard for reliability and cost efficiency for industrial turbine engine starters.
TurboFlow Air Regulator TurboFlow Air Regulator
TDI’s TurboFlow regulator optimizes the engine’s air start system by minimizing the pressure drop to the starter during high flow conditions. With its high flow coefficient, the TURBOFLOW makes available more useable air pressure in the tank. This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures.
TurboBoost is an Innovative Solution for Low Exhaust Pressure TurboBoost is an Innovative Solution for Low Exhaust Pressure
For large bore, turbocharged 2 cycle engines; some level of air manifold boost pressure is required before and during startup, and during engine/turbocharger warm-up. Commonly referred to as Air-Assist or Jet-Assist systems, these original designs use compressed air or natural gas for their power. These are highly inefficient –consuming many MCF per start and potentially releasing that natural gas into the environment. TDI’s TurboBoost system brings a level of efficiency and reliability not previously seen in these applications.
TechTorque Drives TechTorque Drives
The world’s most reliable inertia drive. We use only TechTorque in our remanufacturing of TDI starters insuring the continued reliability of the TDI brand. These drives are the best choice for anyone seeking a reliable OEM component.


TurboValve TurboValve
A dependable pilot-operated starting air used in the installation of TurboTwin Air Starters. TurboValve is also a direct replacement for many Sealco and Ingersoll-Rand relay valves.


TDI Valves & Accessories - Improve Start System Performance & Reliability TDI Valves & Accessories - Improve Start System Performance & Reliability
It is an engine starting “system”, and the system is only as reliable as its weakest component. EngineWorx and TDI only offer the most reliable components for your package. We offer a wide variety of valves, fittings and accessories to help maximize the efficiency of your TurboTwin and TurboStart Air Starters.

For help with an instrumentation application, please send your request to sales@johnhcarter.com

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Centralized Lubrication Systems
EngineWorx offers CPI Lubrication Group’s superior line of divider block lubrication systems and accessories. CPIs broad selection of divider block sizes provides the most precise lubrication delivery possible. From the basic blocks to their state of the art ProFlo monitors, CPI will exceed your expectations in quality and service. From spare parts to complete system retrofits with final drawings and documentation, EngineWorx is ready to provide your lubrication system needs.

EngineWorx extensive inventory and service capabilities will give you the confidence you expect from a John H. Carter Company.

Divider Block Systems
Centralized Lubrication Systems - Divider Block Systems
"CPI" is known worldwide for their expertise in operation, design and maintenance of divider block systems and we now offer our exclusive line of superior divider blocks to the compressor industry. Manufactured in the United States of America.

CPI Divider Blocks" Output Volume: .006-.009-.012-.015-.018-.021-.024 & .030 thousands of a cubic inch output


Gearboxes and Lubricator Pump Systems
- PTO and Electric Motor Driven Units
- Pressure Fed and Box Suction Systems
- Hi Volume (HVLP) Systems

Centralized Lubrication Systems - On Board DisplayOn Board Display:
- Run Time of Compressor
- Cycle Time of Lube System
- Remaining Battery Life
- Total Divider Block Cycles


- Overload Circuit Protection
- Adjustable Alarm Time
- Alarm Mode - Normally Open / Normally Closed
- Cycle Time: "LAST" - "AVERAGE" - "NOW"

For help with an instrumentation application, please send your request to sales@johnhcarter.com

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