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Tech Development, Inc. - The original turbine air starter is also the market leader in engine starting reliability
Since 1958, Tech Development (TDI) has specialized in the design and manufacturing of air turbine products and components for NASA and the private sector aerospace industry. This expertise ultimately led to TDI designing and manufacturing industry’s first turbine starter – the TurboStart in 1979. Further development led to the two stage TurboTwin model. TDI’s innovation has raised expectations for starter system’s delivered power, efficiency and durability.  TDI is recognized worldwide by every OEM, system packager and engine/compressor fleet owner as the industry’s leading manufacturer of reliable starting systems. From diesel and natural gas engines to large industrial turbine engines, TDI and EngineWorx stand ready to support your application needs.

TDI T100-B Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter

The “Workhorse of the Industry”, the T100-B provides reliable starting for large engines up to 250 liters (15,000 CID). Long cranking cycles and dirt air have almost no effect on the T100. Developing up to 105hp, the T100-B inertia-engaged starter is designed for your most critical applications.

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