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Rosemount Tank Gauging

Course number

Course #404


This 3-day hands-on class covers the Rosemount Tank Gauging system formerly known as the Raptor system. The 2410 tank hub is the core component of this system. The course also covers general tank gauging topics like installation requirements, and commissioning guidelines and management of calibrations. Our TankMaster package is covered from its use as the commissioning and maintenance software to support the Rosemount Tank Gauging System. The course also covers the upstream system integration via our field controller devices the FCU 2160 and 2460 system hub. The older style REX series gauges can be incorporated into the training for legacy customers as well.


  • 2410 Tank Hub
  • 644 Single Spot Transmitter
  • 2230 Local Display
  • FCU 2160
  • 2460 System Hub
  • Installation Requirements
  • Commissioning Guidelines
  • Calibrations
  • Troubleshooting