Reactive Field Services
Reliability Solutions utilizes all variations of vibration transducers for our data acquisition systems. This ranges from simple case mounted accelerometer and velocity transducers to permanently installed proximity probes. We can either install temporary casing transducers, or use your existing installed monitoring systems (Bently Nevada, Dymac, IRD etc.) to acquire the right information from your machinery.

Vibration information is processed into familiar formats such as Polar, Bode, Full and Half Spectrums, Orbit, Timebase and Shaft Average Centerlines, which are then used by our professional staff to ensure the most accurate conclusions become available regarding the machinery condition.

Alignment services employ coupling lasers, rim and face, and reverse dial indication techniques. Full optical thermal growth studies can also be performed to establish the actual growth of your machinery.

Reactive Field Services - Porximity Probe Work



Proactive Field Services
Our proactive plant asset care programs (i.e., walk around programs) simplifies the daunting task of building a reliable history of all the plant machinery in your facility. Our services provide tailored reliability programs that are coupled with the capability for enhanced diagnostics when needed, resulting in proactive procedures (i.e., imbalance, alignment, malfunction identification) helping minimize plant downtime using proper engineering methodologies and procedures.

Integrating each piece of rotating equipment into a tailored, periodic maintenance program can result in attractive economic benefits through increased machinery reliability and availability.

Reliability Consulting - Distinctive Competencies
Leading professional services with more than two decades of experience delivering comprehensive, scalable asset management, reliability and EAM foundational data services to a diverse and illustrious list of clients throughout the world.

A Combination of Complimentary Core Competencies
Reliability Consulting
          - Reliability Engineering & Physical Asset Management Principles
          - Master Data Management for Enterprise Asset Management Systems

Each complements and reinforces the other. Our reliability best practices impart unparalleled scalability. Our knowledge of the top tier EAM systems’ architectures, functionality and data structures gives us the ability to engineer, prescribe and shape the optimum maintenance strategies efficiently and consistently across our clients’ entire equipment population.

Implementations – Not Just Consulting
We have the most formidable reliability and maintenance consulting practice in the business, and we don’t stop there. Robust Field Engineering-based implementation services who work with you to execute our Consultants’ recommendations. The two capabilities work in concert to implement performance improvement efficiently across your asset population. Standards-based, Technology-driven Delivery. An unprecedented collection of standards based on industry best practices which we helped develop. Our professional services are bolstered by a substantial body of knowledge consisting of written standards and methods, sophisticated technology in Catapult™, and extensive content libraries, all of which accelerate our clients’ accomplishment of consistent foundational data and reliability practices across an enterprise. Our delivery standards and accelerators enable us to scale our offerings from a small reliability engineering project at a single site, to enterprise asset management implementations, maintaining efficiency and consistency regardless of scale or who is assigned to a project.