Essential Asset Monitoring Essential Asset Monitoring - Reduce Slowdowns, Shutdowns & Maintenance Costs
Emerson’s Essential Asset Monitoring Solutions are cost-effective to install and enable automated monitoring of your air cooled heat exchangers (fin fans), blowers, compressors, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps, and more. Automated predictive monitoring delivers diagnostics, as well as equipment and process health alerts that enable your operators to pre-schedule maintenance when needed or make timely, corrective actions to keep your facility up and running efficiently. Each solution is pre-engineered using proven methods of measurement and scalable to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Burner Management Systems
Burner Management Systems - Permit the System to Operate When Safe
The DeltaV SIS™ Burner Management System (BMS) is a safety solution for control and monitoring of burner units. Through sequencing and interlocks the DeltaV SIS BMS allows the burner unit(s) to go safely through all the relevant states, from start-up to operation, and shutdown when needed. If required (usually dependent on the size of the burner unit), DeltaV SIS can also provide in automated leak testing of the gas valves. Using specially developed function blocks, the DeltaV SIS BMS solution is highly flexible and easy to maintain and monitor



Consulting Services - Solving High Stake Problems
Emerson provides a wide range of consulting services to help customers perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define specific project requirements from which a project budget and execution plan can be developed. The goal is to provide leading automation and industry expertise to help clients envision and capture the value of innovative PlantWeb® technologies and accelerate a sustainable competitive edge. Consulting services are provided by a team of senior consultants with proven hands-on experience and a track record of solving high stakes problems across all process industries including Chemical, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Refining.

Consulting Services - Solving High Stake ProblemsConceptual Design and Feasibility Studies - Developing a Project Scope to Meet Identified Needs
Evaluating your business opportunities and developing a project scope to meet identified needs. A key goal is to analyze and define how innovative automation solutions can impact specific plant economics and provide a ROI project justification. To help achieve this, our consultants draw from the best technologies and services to architect automation solutions that meet your needs. Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies also establish a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well defined starting point for a project Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Process Improvement and Optimization Consulting - Maximizing Your Plant's Unrealized Potential
Focused on maximizing your plant's unrealized potential and getting the highest performance out of your automation investments. Consulting studies identify and quantify plant performance improvements that can be expected from enhanced automation. Advanced automation technologies and techniques are explored to enable pushing closer to quality or equipment limits and operating at maximum profitability targets.

SmartProcess Solutions - Pre-Engineered Solutions for Optimizing Common Process Units
Combining domain expertise, consulting services, and Advanced Process Control technologies, Emerson industry experts have created a collection of pre-engineered solutions for optimizing common process units. These solutions can serve as a starting template for your optimization projects, reducing time and cost of implementation. These solutions are pre-engineered, re-usable, built-for-purpose configuration templates and control strategies that allow for an accelerated project schedule.

Wi-Fi Applications

Wireless Products and Services - Field Instruments
Wi-Fi Applications
Reduce sensing network deployment time and ensure a simple installation with the most reliable and accurate wireless measurement instrumentation for Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature, Vibration, Discrete, Acoustic, and Tank Gauging.

Asset Protection
Adding Smart Wireless monitoring points easily and cost-effectively helps extend the life of your assets and reduce asset failure. And without wires, you can go into areas where you couldn’t go before...for a lot less.

Safety, Health & Environmental
Smart Wireless solutions allow you to wirelessly monitor safety equipment such as eyewash stations so that action can be taken sooner, should an incident occur. You can also wirelessly monitor readings in hazardous areas of your plant, reducing personnel safety risks. Finally, wireless technology can minimize the hazard, clean-up and expense of environmental releases by providing fast notification and accurate logging of an environmental excursion, should it occur.

Wireless Product Portfolio – Explore Our Wireless Product Line

Smart Wireless
Emerson’s Smart Wireless products and solutions extend PlantWeb predictive intelligence into areas that were previously out of physical or economic reach, opening the door for new possibilities in process improvement. Remote locations, physical obstructions, and the high cost of engineering and integrating new technologies are no longer the barriers they were.