ControlWorx Panel Engineering & Fabrication Solutions
When a project requires quality and custom industrial control panels, ControlWorx is your One Trusted Partner. Our in-house panel shop can design and build your custom panels for any application freestanding, mounted, retrofit, indoor and outdoor, for all area classifications. ControlWorx has local state of the art fabrication and test facilities that give our customers dedicated Factory Acceptance Testing rooms for checkout of their projects and related equipment.

ControlWorx Panel Emgineering & Fabrication Solutions

Our in-house panel fabrication capabilities are key to the delivery of a quality engineered, constructed, and tested solution. All industrial control system panels are designed by ControlWorx engineering staff and are fabricated in our on-site panel shop. This fabrication includes assembly of freestanding or mounted type enclosures, mounting equipment like controllers, input and output devices, communications devices, wire ways, power supplies, fuses, and terminals on associated enclosure backplanes per CAD design. All internal electrical and communications wiring are also performed per CAD design. The panel is then powered up and internally tested for proper operation. We then offer the customer the option to do a complete functional Factory Acceptance Test of their control panels at our facility before shipping them to the customer site for field installation. This fabrication process allows us to ensure panels leaving our facility are 100% correctly configured, designed, and wired. This simplifies the field installation process and leads to a highly efficient customer on-site system startup.

Panel Fabrication Services Include:
- Panel/Enclosure Engineering and Design
- CAD Drawings
- Panel assembly, equipment mounting, and wiring
- Internal Testing and Quality Control
- Customer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
- Packaging/shipping for safe delivery to customer sites
- Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and field support as needed



Examples of Panels Fabricated:
- DCS/PLC Control Systems
- Field Junction Boxes
- HMI Panels
- RTU/Flow Computers
- Switch/Button/Indicator Hardwired Controls
- Rack-mount Computers and Servers

- Communications Equipment
- Drive Systems
- Single/Multi Loop Controllers
- Safety Shutdown Systems
- Fire and Gas Detection Systems
- Vibration Monitoring/Shutdown Systems

- Burner Management Systems
- HVAC Fan and Pump Controls
- DCS Migration Custom Backplanes/Enclosures
- Custom Control Panels and Backplanes
- Special Fabrication

DeltaV Panels Fabrication






DeltaV Fabrication Panels

ROC & ControlWave Panel Fabrications