Flow & Measurement from John H. Carter Company & ControlWorx Solutions
Measurement of gases, liquids and tank levels is essential to any custody transfer equation. At John H. Carter Company and ControlWorx, we are pleased to offer market-leading measurement equipment used for both flow and level. Our technology ranges from basic orifice, turbines and venturis, to multi-path ultrasonic measurement, and includes both programmable and configurable Flow Computers, Presets and RTUs. Accurate tank level measurement is provided by the most sophisticated and reliable tank level radars available to Industry.

To make the measurement effective and exact, our transmitters, chromatographs and sampling devices are available on a stand-alone, or an integrated basis. Connecting and communicating is easy with one-stop shopping for everything from valve manifolds to a powerful array of radios, and multiple wireless devices which provide information to our SCADA Solutions. John H. Carter Company and ControlWorx can power these systems in the field with solar, differential or thermo-electric power and long-life battery back-up.

Custody Transfer Measurement



Measurement Systems
- Differential Pressure
- Ultrasonic
- Packages (Skids)
- Components (Runs)

Pressure and Flow Control
- OPP Systems
- Regulator/Control Valve Skids

Piping Interconnects
- Launchers and Receivers
- Valves and Manifolds
- Turnkey Installations

RTU & GC Enclosures and Buildings
- Fully Integrated to Customer Specs
- Industrial or Hazardous Ratings
- Single-room or Multi-unit Design
- Steel/Stainless/Aluminum
- Concrete
- Fiberglass

RTUs, Flow Computers, Presets
- FloBoss
- ControlWave
- DL8000
- Blending Presets

Gas Analysis
- Components and Systems
- Chromatographs
- Sampling Systems
- Moisture Analyzers
- H2S – Monitoring

- Orifice Fittings OFU, Simplex, Jr., Sr.
- Meter Tubes
- Orifice Plates AGA-3/API 14.3 Daniel, Uni-Plate
- Venturis and Flow Nozzles

Liquid Turbine Meters
- Meter Tubes
- SS or Carbon Steel
- 1” – 36” Line Size
- Battery-Powered Local Read-Out

Ultrasonic Liquid and Gas Meters
- Direct Beam - Four Path and Eight Path
- AGA 9
- Meter Tubes
- Bounce Type/Two Path
- Four Path or Eight Path Chordal Type Custody Transfer
- HART Capable
- Modbus RTU/ASCii

Metering/Measurement Skids
- Measurement and Control Equipment and Buildings
- Filtration, Instrumentation Sampling
- LACT Units
- Configuration Acceptance Testing, Start Up
- Maintenance and Operation Programs

Tank Level Measurement
- Radar Tank Gauging
- Tank Level Management
- Wired or Wireless

Turn-Key Capability
- Design
- Specification
- Fabrication
- Integration
- Start-Up





Flow, Control & Measurement Solutions

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