Disaster Recovery Service
Following natural disasters or catastrophic incidents, our team of recovery professionals is capable of rapid deployment, assessment, procurement, repair, re-installation, and startup of essential equipment to quickly and safely restore production capability.

Our experience with disaster recovery allows us to help plan a specific recovery strategy structured to your facility’s needs. With our proven experience and vast resources, we will work closely with your team to choose the correct path to an efficient recovery.

In addition to recovery services, we can also help in disaster preparation and preplanning which can reduce the impact that a disaster like floods, hurricanes or fires can have on your facility.




- Equipment Assessment
- Documentation
- Advanced Resource Allocation

- Pre-purchased Products
- Industrial Storage
- Mobile/onsite services
- Project Management Services
- Technician Scheduling
- Diagnostic Services

John H. Carter Company - Providing Situation Management Solutions

Providing Situation Management Solutions:

Outage Management
Emergency Response
Disaster Recovery
Plant Shutdowns

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