Economic Forecast of Retiring Workforce
Economic studies indicate in the next 10 years it is possible that more than half of the skilled workers in Industry will retire. Skilled personnel anticipate needs; they solve tough problems; they make an operation run smoothly. That’s why training is the cornerstone of maximum availability, sustainability, and operational excellence. JHC can bring your entire team the expertise they need to meet short and long-term goals. Whether your team must configure and calibrate valves, predict machinery faults, or develop a control strategy, our instructors combine hands-on training with real-life examples to prepare your personnel to find solutions. Contact JHC today to invest in your greatest asset: your employees.

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May 8-9 Control Valves and Controller Maintenance, Course #102 Shreveport, LA   |   Enrollment Request
This 2-day instructor assisted course is operated in a lecture / hands-on environment. We will discuss control valves / actuators, both sliding stem and rotary, DVC 6200 and regulators. $1,700 
May 21-22 Process Control Fundamentals, Course #200  - Mobile, AL     |   Enrollment Request
This 2-day course provides those new to the process industry or those not acquainted with process control with the basic knowledge to understand the importance of and the objective of process automation. The major aspects of process control including measurement types and devices, final control elements and controllers will be covered with classroom presentations including demonstrations using a process control loop simulator. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with the function and application of the wide variety of equipment commonly found in process plants.  $2,000

June 11-12 Fundamentals of AMS 2140, Course #2076 - Sulphur, LA    |   Enrollment Request
This 2-day hands-on course focuses on the basic operation of the AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer. Students collect data onlab machines. This course is designed for personnel with little or no experience with Emerson analyzers, but who are experienced in the field of vibration data collection and analysis.    $2,300

June 25-27 Control Valve Engineering I, Course #1300 - Metairie, LA  |   Enrollment Request
This 3-day course reviews design and operating principles of control valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories. It describes the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valves assemblies. Students will solve several demonstration sizing and selection problems using Fisher Specification Manager and published materials, plus participate in equipment demonstrations and hands-on workshops.   $3,200

July 23-24 MOV Training (EIM/Limitorque), Course #305 - Mobile, AL     |   Enrollment Request
This course covers maintenance on  Limitorque’ s Actuators. The hands-on, laboratory program provides the foundation needed to interpret operation of these actuators. Topics include mechanical operation, electrical operation, maintenance, disassembly, inspection of components, adjustments, reassembly and trouble shooting of actuator malfunctions. Focus will be on electrical systems. $1,600

August 20-23 Basic Vibration Analysis & ISO CAT-1 Certification, Course #2031 - Metairie, LA  |   Enrollment Request
This 4-day course complies with ISO standard 18436-2. This course is intended to enable participants to operate single-channel machinery analyzers, dump and load routes, recognize the difference between good and bad data, and compare vibration measurements against pre-established alert settings. The class shows the student how to use the vibration analyzer in conjunction with machinery health software to analyze basic vibration defects. Category I Exam will be administered at the end of the course.   $3,300

DeltaV Hardware & Troubleshooting, Course #7018 - Metairie, LA    |   Enrollment Request
This course is recommended for instrumentation and maintenance technicians, managers, and configuration engineers who need to know about DeltaV hardware. It provides an overview of the DeltaV Control Network, M- and S-series hardware, and software applications. Upon completion, you will be familiar with the hardware and be able to perform troubleshooting techniques. $4,000

October 7-11 DeltaV Implementation I, Course #7009 - Metairie, LA |   Enrollment Request
During the 5-day course, the student will be able to define system capabilities, define nodes, configure continuous and sequential control strategies, create process alarms, operate the system, troubleshoot the system and modify operator displays. $4,250

Announcements & Product Updates

Emerson Impact Partner MapEmerson Certifies Sales & Service Channel to Deliver Highest Level of Customer Support
The Emerson Impact Partner Network includes 21 North American sales & service companies offering proven solution capabilities, local accessibility & consistent engineering practices that produce measurable business results

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (August 15, 2018) - Emerson announced today the launch of its Emerson Impact Partner Network representing the company's highest level of customer support. This sales and service channel serves as an integral part of Emerson's commitment to help process and industrial companies digitally transform their operations to help achieve Top Quartile performance - reaching the top 25 percent of peer companies across metrics critical to the business. Under this rebranded network, Emerson Impact Partner companies will operate as locally- accessible, singular points of contact for leveraging the full breadth of Emerson integrated solutions and expertise. Full News Release>

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Featuring the following products:
- Calibrating  Fisher 3582 Positioner
- Cavitation Demo
- Mounting a FIELDVUE DVC 6200
- Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
   Zero and Span Adjustment

Are Your Employees Trained & Ready?


Customized On-Site Training
JHC training opportunities can be customized to fit your specific training needs and provided on-site at a facility of your choosing. Please contact a team member for more information.
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JHC Education Services Team
We are available to visit on-site and discuss your custom training needs.

Director of Education,
Jim Henry


Education Sales & Marketing,
Brian Thomas

Custom Training Request Form

Enrollment Coordinator,
Michelle Gedicke

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John H. Carter Company is pleased to announce our representation of Yarway Steam Products in the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and on the Florida Panhandle.

Yarway Steam Solutions offers a broad portfolio of proven and reliable solutions for a wide range of steam generation and distribution applications. With over 100 years of steam expertise, our solutions are designed to support safe and efficient operation of steam systems. Our robust portfolio includes Yarway Steam Traps, Yarway ARC Valves, Yarway / Penberthy Boiler Trim and Yarway Welbond & Blow-off Valves.

Yarway Steam Traps are used for removing condensate from heat tracing lines or other steam equipment.

- Broad steam trap portfolio for a wide range of pressure and condensate load requirements
- Robust offering for drip, tracing and process applications
- In-line replaceable solutions ensure ease of maintenance

Yarway Arc Valves
The ARC Valves provide minimum flow required to prevent overheating in centrifugal pumps.

Yarway Boiler Trim
ASME Section I gauges and electronic indication for boiler level.

Yarway Wellbond & Blow-Off Valves
Used for high-pressure vent, drain and isolation applications and for intermittent and continuous blowdown.

Emerson experts can conduct steam trap surveys or utilize our wireless steam trap monitoring solution to ensure proper steam trap operation and minimize steam loss.

Fike LogoThe Fike Expertise
Fike Rupture DiscsFor over 70 years Fike has been the leader in pressure solutions and rupture/bursting disc innovation. Fike products are compliant with a wide variety of code regulations around the globe and are designed to meet or exceed industry requirements for performance, reliability and quality. From safeguarding your critical manufacturing process to protecting your pressure relief valves (PRVs), Fike products are part of the critical path to lowering your costs and helping you achieve higher profitability.

Why Pressure Relief Technology?
A rupture disc is designed to provide a leak tight seal within a pipe or vessel until the internal pressure rises to a predetermined level. At that point the disc bursts preventing damage to the equipment from overpressure.

Fike’s G2 Technology

G2 is a patented, state-of-the-art technology used to manufacture rupture discs without hard-score tooling, producing no stress zones that can fatigue and offering premium performance. The result is a low pressure rupture disc solution featuring tight burst tolerances and extremely high operating ratios. In addition, the advanced automation significantly increases consistence and provides for fast, economical delivery time.

Hyspan LouisianaHyspan - Providing Exceptional Pipe Motion SolutionsHyspan Louisiana
Hyspan is the single source for expansion compensation, seismic and vibration isolation. Only Hyspan manufactures all 4 piping motion technologies: metal bellows expansion joints for axial and offset, packed slip joints, ball joints, and metal hose connectors. Since 1968, Hyspan products provide unequaled ability to solve piping issues.

Hyspan maintains a staff of engineers and quality personnel experienced in the design, development and testing of metal bellows expansion joints, packed slip expansion joints and ball joints for industrial applications including the most severe operating and environmental high pressure ball joint conditions. Company standards and registrations include the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code including a "U" stamp, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and the Canadian Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registration. The company is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association.

Emerson LogoEmerson Acquires Pentair Valves & Controls
Emerson announced on April 28th that they have closed the acquisition of Pentair’s Valves & Controls business. With this announcement, there comes no immediate change in the way customers currently engage, transact, or work with Emerson or any of the former Pentair Valves & Controls product brands. For now, it should continue “business as usual”.  As Emerson works to integrate the businesses together, our organizations and in turn our customers can expect to be well informed. Emerson is joining together recognized and respected product leaders in the valve industry from control valves, pressure relief valves, regulators, isolation valves, and actuators. The combined entity will form a new Final Control group that will offer customers the most complete valve solutions portfolio and most extensive network in the world. Press Release>

JHC is now an authorized representative for the following product lines which were formerly part of Pentair Valves & Controls, that was acquired by Emerson.
Relief Valves and Pressure Protection
- Anderson Greenwood; Crosby; Varec

Isolation Valves - Manual or Automated
Vanessa; Keystone; Neotecha; KTM; Raimondi; Clarkson; Hancock; Sempell; FCT; K-Ball; Vonk; Fasani; - Yarway Automatic Recirculation (ARC) Valves; Lunkenheimer > Actuation Technology; Biffi & Morin

New Market-Leading Products from JHC

Effective July, 2017, JHC is now an authorized representative for the following produce lines which were formerly part of Pentair Valves & Controls, that was acquired by Emerson. JHC is Emerson’s Impact Partner.

Relief Valves and Pressure Protection

- Anderson Greenwood

-  Crosby  - Varec

 Isolation Valves: Manual or Automated

- Vanessa
- Hancock
- K-Ball

- Yarway Automatic Recirculation (ARC) Valves
- Lunkenheimer
- Keystone
- Raimondi
- Sempell
- Vonk
- Neotecha
- Clarkson
- Fasani

Actuation Technology

- Biffi

- Morin  

Measurement & Instrumentation Valves

- Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation



Anderson Greenwood

Anderson Greenwood ProductsYour Complete Instrument
Valve Solution
Announcing our new
distributorship for Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation (AGI) Products, effective Sept. 29, 2017. With decades of innovative engineering expertise, Anderson Greenwood brand is your premier source for instrument valves, manifolds, and instrument enclosure systems. AGI and JHC offer a full range of products that are manufactured and built to perform.  For More Information>


JHC Now Carries Tubing & Fittings to Connect What Ever You Need!


SSP LogoJHC is pleased to announce our designation as an SSP Authorized Instrumentation Distributor, representing SSP’s entire line of products and services, effective January 9, 2017. With SSP’s equivalent designs to Swagelok, Parker CPI and Hoke Gyrolok; as well as SSP’s valves, tubing and tools, John H. Carter Company is able to serve as a single source solution for all your instrumentation needs.



Omni Valve Products

JHC is Now a Proud Representative & Distribution Partner for OmniSeal Products

Omni ValveThe OmniSeal® double block and bleed (DB&B) expanding plug valve is a single valve solution that simultaneously blocks both the upstream and downstream flow while allowing the user to verify seal integrity using a manual or automatic body bleed system.

OmniSeal® DB&B expanding plug valves are designed to provide positive shut-off, verifiable zero leakage and DB&B capabilities. They are ideal for leased automated custody transfer (LACT), product metering, aviation fueling, product isolation, blending, lockout/tagout (LOTO), multi-product manifolds, tank storage and other DB&B applications.

We are pleased to offer market-leading valve automation products.


JHC Now Representing Enardo - Total Tank Protection, Inside and Out
Enardo Products
EnardoFor more than 80 years Enardo has supplied industry with the products, services and solutions that meet the challenges of environmental and safety standards.

Enardo is a world leader in the development and manufacture of vapor control equipment used anywhere liquids and gases are processed or stored:
  - Detonation and flame arrestors - Low pressure venting devices
  - Emergency vents - Gauge hatches

As global industry moves toward cleaner and greener processes, Enardo is meeting the challenges to provide innovative storage tank safety and environmental solutions. Enardo understands the mission-critical role your products play in protecting life, equipment, and the world around us.


JHC is Now a Proud Representative & Distribution Partner for Welker ProductsWelker Products

Welker Logo
JHC will represent Welker’s comprehensive portfolio of hydrocarbon analyzer sample systems, spot and composite samplers, as well as sample conditioning and filtration products.

We are pleased to offer market-leading measurement equipment used for both flow and level.



JHC is Now the Stocking Distributor of Summit Pump Inc. ProductsSummit Pump Inc.Summit Pump Inc.

Summit Pump, Inc.'s mission statement is simple; “provide quality products in a timely manner, at a fair market price”. Summit Pump, Inc. is an OEM manufacturer of ANSI, Horizontal Split Case, Self-Priming and Stock Process pumps. Summit Pump, Inc. also produces parts that are form, fit and functionally interchangeable with major pump manufacturers equipment.

Pumps & Process Equipment provides our valued customers with a full service solution based approach for specialty equipment needs.



JHC Announces the Expansion of the Baton Rouge Sales & Engineering Center

The new facility which opened in 2014 has recently expanded to add 10,000 additional Square Feet of Production and Warehouse space.

New Sales & Engineering Center
14141 Airline Hwy.   Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Facility includes:
- Panel Shop
- Two Factory Acceptance Areas
- Tech Demo Center - featuring the full breadth of Emerson product lines

Facility houses: JHC; ControlWorx; Digital Sales & Service; Reliability Plus; Panel Engineering & Fabrication and Fire & Gas Protection


JHC Educational Services Team: 
Director of Education,
Jim Henry

Education Sales and Marketing,
Brian Thomas

Custom Training Request Form

Enrollments Coordinator,
Michelle Gedicke
Enrollment Request Form


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